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Careful in negotiations with Merit Real Estate in Redondo Beach

I have never posted anything on any of these consumer forums before--because I've never been screwed like we were today. So, for the first time I think it's important to share the complete picture of how not to do business. I'm a senior executive in a large ad agency and have a good reputation in the advertising industry. My wife and I are looking to cash out of our home of 7 years before the next bust from the looming commercial real estate crisis that's coming, so we found a rental managed by Merit Real Estate in Redondo Beach, California, on behalf of a property owner and have, for over two weeks, been engaged in getting documents in order, measuring elements of the house to make sure we had room for our existing stuff, and even bringing our two young girls over to make sure they liked the place (they loved it). I even met all the neighbors--so we were serious about taking the rental which was a lovely spot on a cul-de-sac in Redondo Beach where we live. So, the son of the owner of Merit, Rodman Amiri, and I have been in touch all week, with me asking questions about the lease (since it's been over 10 years since I've had to sign one) and today he mentioned that there was one more lease application coming in and he thought we should try to wrap things up quickly. So we acccelerated--within hours I had asked my final questions, we had pulled a cashiers check for the security deposit and had communicated that we were dropping it off the following morning. All seemed well. Within an hour my wife got an email from Rodman Amiri that his father had talked with the property owner (who may or may not be his father--we don't know) that they were accepting the brand new offer that came in (from people Rodman Amiri said that they did not even know and came from an outside realtor). Can you imagine our surprise when we heard this after two weeks of preparations and good faith discussions? In this era of transparency because of the Internet, you'd think people would be smarter about screwing over people today, either Merit, the Amiris or the investor who owns 320 N Francesca in Redondo Beach don't get it. Now, in the interest of telling a complete story so my integrity is intact, the other applicant wanted to move in immediately rather than in 3 weeks as we did, and the other applicant did not have an old dog. But at the same time the other applicant only gave a 2 year lease commitment rather than our 3 year lease and only $100 more. So something's fishy here. Watch out in your dealings with Merit--they offered nothing but "sorry, you were really nice people!"
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Mr. Amiri the owner of Merit Real Estate has been in this business for over 25 years!

He has a great reputation in the South Bay area!

He is the most honest person in which you could contact!

He will tell you from the beginning if he's able to help you or not!

He won't waste your time or money, if he's unable to assist you!

All this negative is nonsense about the business or the owner!


Not surprised. Merit is currently trying to screw me as well.

I have a lease with Merit in Redondo Beach that is good for another 6 months and they are trying to raise my rent before my lease is up because I reported to them the plumbing leak in my bathroom. They purchased this old house from my previous landlord and with it they accept my lease and all of the problems that come with an old house including old galvanized pipes that are clogged and need replacing.

I asked them to have a plumber come and snake the pipe they sent him out and he told them that the pipes need replacing...thousands of dollars probably. Anyway, that is not my problem. The end result is that Frank Amiri wants to raise my rent because his property requires an repair investment and what better way to cover his costs than to have the renter pay for it.

I have a lease i told him and he said it doesn't matter because your lease did not include new pipes and a new faucet. By the way the plumber replaced the faucet with a cheap $30.00 home depot faucet. I vehemently argued my case and told them that I recently prequalified for a home mortgage and will not pay the increase.

So get this, in the same breath used to try to illegally raise my rent Frank Amiri offers to me the opportunity to let him broker my new home purchase!

Needless to say, BEWARE of MERIT Property Management of Redondo Beach.


These guys are a bunch of crooks looking to steal neighbors houses for cheap and flipping them for big profits. Do not do business with these Arab thief's.


Holy *** this is ignorant


At least you could get the realtor to meet with you. I've been stood up by Arman and given the run around.

I guess business is good because I want to rent a property and the guy just seems uninterested in showing, renting or renting it to me. The only way I got into the property is due to neglegence and a broken window by vandolism


There is no one named Arman that works at Merit Real Estate. I believe you have them confused with another company. In my experience everyone at Merit Real Estate has been prompt, professional, attentive and extremely helpful.


I am the property owner mentioned in this rambling, unwarranted bashing of Merit. No lease agreement was ever consumated with Mr. Shor. Also,Merit did not make the final decision on the tenant. That was my decision based on numerous factors...loss of rent, rental amount etc. In fact Merit took less by securing me a better leasing arrangement with the final tenant selected. I believe this is merely a case of sour grapes and spilled milk by Mr. Shor.

I have nothing but the highest respect for Mr. Amiri and all of the staff at Merit Real Estate. I have known Mr. Amiri for close to 20 years and do not hesitate to refer family, friends and acquaintances.

Merit is the best real estate company in the South Bay bar none!!

Mr Shor : It didn't work out. Keep your integrity intact and let it go. You weren't led on. Bottom line.. I had a pool of tenants to select weren't chosen. Get over it!

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