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Eco Select Windows, Tacoma,WA did not fulfill contract but took over $7,300

I contracted Eco Select Windows (UBI 603 08* 524; WA# ECOSESW890CP) to install all new windows. I made a deposit of over $7,300, which has not been returned. I called Eco Select several times during 2013 to schedule installation. I was told that I would be contacted by the owner, Kevin Bonnett. He never returned my emails or calls until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on September 25, 2013. Here is the response that Kevin Bonnett (EcoSelect) gave to the BBB: "We are trying to contact our installers to get your install scheduled. We don't have an office person anymore so it can be hard to catch someone there. We will be in touch within the next couple weeks once Ron gets back from vacation." I called Ron, the Installer, to learn more about the situation. Ron, who was not on vacation, said he had to leave EcoSelect because he was not busy enough (only had work for 2 days/week). Kevin Sykes-Bonnet, the owner had his WA contract license suspended on 11/15/2013. His L&I was also cancelled.
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Ultimate Vacation Network - Ultimation Vacation Network and Premier Escrow Services

Ultimate Vacation Network (UVN) is a timeshare scam. My experience with them has been the same as other complaints. They promise the sale of your timeshares, but continually request monies to be paid upfront, which they tell you will be reimbursed once the timeshares are sold. They never fulfilled the agreement, provided no services, and refused to refund a portion of monies. UVN is located in Troy Michigan, Premier Escrow Services, which apparently operates under other names is supposedly located in Florida. Contacts at UVN are Rich Nelson, Mathew Stevens, Monica Clark (who may no longer be there but was the person who always answered the phone). The merchant in Mexico is Integra Asecores Merc (Puerto Vallatra), whose back is Banco Santander, located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Through my credit card bank, Chase,I disputed and redisputed the charge over several months. The merchant/bank refused to reverse the charge. This is the same mode of operation that others have complained about. Everyone needs to file a complaint with the Attorney General's of Michigan and Florida, as well as the Better Business Bureau of both states. See other comments for details.
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monica e clark lives in 2963 dorchester dr apt 206 troy mi 48084-**** . rich nelson in 2136 chancery dr troy mi 48085-1*** *48-828-****.this information is in


I have learned that registering complaints does nothing to get your money back. But, it can't hurt.

The FBI, Federal Trade Commission, and other entities have sites to register complaints. If you used a credit card, you may be able to file a dispute with the bank.

There are about 4 other threads regarding Ultimate Vacactions, with a lot of information that coud be of use. Also, do not use your full name to comment on these sites.


We are supposedly selling our Grande Luxxe timeshare through Mecca Management and Liberty Escrow Services. We signed a contract after our Purchasing Agent Scott Case guaranteed they have a purchaser.

We also gave them additionally funds so this deal would complete. We were promised to receive our funds and of course we have not received anything and cannot get Scott Case at Mecca Management or Catherine Lucas and Barbara Gray at Liberty Escrow Toledo, Ohio to return our calls. There is also a Craig Popvich listed as Senior Director of Liberty Escrow.

We live in Canada and don't how to register a U.S. complaint.


I was contacted by a company call International Events Coordinators who promised to give me money for 9 weeks at my Bliss resort property. Now a company called Resort Escrow Exchange is involved telling me to wire 992.00 to a bank in Mexico.

After i wire money they will wire me a large amount of money of send a certified check to me in 3 weeks.

I also can send them the money by credit card. Anybody have any input on what I should do?


i thig that mr. Rich Nelson has a relative in the city of troy Mi. they have the same midle name I hope it will help some one to investegate close y can not do it I live in Mexico any help will by apreciated .Gracias ( thanks )


Ultimation Vacation Network and Premier Escrow Services, located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Adress: JAMAICA 1593 1 , LAZARO CARDENAS , C.P 48330Tel:(322)223-****


I also was taken a while back..does anyone have any infor for me on what may be happening now after we sent letters off


gcbtc, First, do not send any more monies. Can you provide more detail?

This may not be the same company as Ultimate (correction to Ultimation) Vacation Network (Troy Michigan), which is also operating under Luxury Resorts Resale out of Boston, MA. UVN seems to have "moved on" as their website is no longer active, nor is their tele #. There are those who have been scammed to the tune of $45,000 or more. Names, contact information (website, telephone number, address - legitimate or not) are of use.

If you charged the amount to a credit card, dispute immediately. If you have a "merchant name" or a some information as to where you sent money, that would be useful. There are also other avenues to pursue (FBI, FinCen), but they only register complaints. We are trying to catch up with some very unscrupulous characters.

Any information useful. Check the other threads of complaints against UVN (there are 3 in English). Follow "Did not return monies after deal never went thru." There is useful information there.

Also, a good summary of exactly how UVN scams can be found on Most comments are on this site.


Help, we are being scammed right now, by Property Experts Management. $1,595.00.

Oscar Vilas is at it again. St. Louis, MO is where they are operating now. I have the Attorney General of MO looking into them.

Also, they are no longer at telephone no., because I reported them as scammers to their land line co.

Platinum Escrow too! :( :x


Guys beware Luxury Resorts Resale ( They bait you to think that you don't have to pay upfront fees and that they will sell your timeshare for a really appealing amount. The scam is that you have to wire a so-called "tax" amount to some individual in Mexico (if your timeshare was purchased there) before you can receive proceeds from the sale. In my case it was around $2500. What alerted me to it being another scam is that the timeshare resort I have stated that there are NO taxes to be paid. Plus, on top of the fact that the "tax" amount is fraudulent, if they are the agent and are handling the sale why would I have to pay upfront taxes when they could deduct from the proceeds?

Don't let these guys take your hard earned money!

Also they are like three people who use the monikers "Rich Nelson", "Julie Morgan" and "Steven Green". If you receive calls from them RUN.

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