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Aspen Dental - Would like to be part of the lawsuit

On 6/22 at 1:30 I went to Aspen Dental in Burlington Iowa because Taylor told my husband they could fix my partial. They took x rays and had me talk to the hygienist that I did not ask for. An hour later the dentist came in glanced over at my partial and said those are not repairable. I then talked to the office manager after the dentist told her to take me out of the room which should have been my first sign, but I work with the public, and I was desperate because I had no front teeth. After another hour they did the impressions for a basic partial once again even knowing that they were going to do a partial for me they would not attempt to put them back together. I was told to go to Wal-Mart and get the kit and do it myself. After they took the impressions, I then went to my car and waited for 2 hours for them to get the was mold made. Taylor then came out to my car and got me and told me they were done and to come back inside. When I went back in, I then sat in the waiting room 30 minutes before they came and got me to go back and then another 30 minutes after I got back to their chair. They brought the wax tray in, and the dentist shoved it in my mouth handed me a mirror and asked me what I thought. I told her they were bulky and was told that was because of the wax. She kept pressuring me about how the teeth looked. I told them the teeth looked okay I was concerned about the fit and was assured that they would not be like that when they were done. They told me when they had me scheduled for the next day and I told them I had to take the afternoon off and needed a later appointment and I was told that they were doing me a favor and I needed to be there when they could get me in. I then sat there for another hour while I waited for them to come do the last impressions. If I had not been so desperate and in a vulnerable situation I would have got up and left at this point because that was just plain rude. When I came out, they were all sitting on the counter laughing and having a good time while I sat back there in their chair. The next day I came back to get my basic partial they had done for me. The dentist came in put it in my mouth, asked how it felt made 3 adjustments, told me she would be on vacation and would be back Monday if I needed any other adjustments maybe Galesburg could do them. So, I left knowing that there would be more adjustments that had to be made because that is how it works. I then had questions about the billing and why its advertised online for one thing, but you have to read the fine print. to get the full story. Their Regional Manager called me and told me if they didnt turn it in on insurance it would be insurance fraud, but they have it advertised on line for half the cost. If it is not turned in on insurance that is not fraud on the insurance company that is just not using the insurance, so you get the discounted rate. But Ashley from corporate told me I actually got the better end and not paying so much up front I still cant find that in the small print. So, then I called and got an appointment with Galesburg because the dentist was on vacation and the partial was really hurting my mouth. They were really nice in the Galesburg office Ronda is the one who did the adjustments. I showed her that the partial was not made right. It is crooked, sticks out to far on the right side, to long in the back and has a gap on the right hand side. She made the adjustments that she could but said they were going to have to be remade because they were not made right. She also said they were real rough because they were not polished down like they were suppose to be. I called the Burlington office and told them what was going on and the dentist did not come to work that Monday either. At this point my mouth is sore and hurting because there were not adjustments that could be done to fix the problem. I got tired of the run around with Burlington called corporate talked with Ashley who said that they could transfer funds between offices if I felt more comfortable going to Galesburg. She said that the Regional for Galesburg would get it set up and the office manager would give me a call before my appointment on Friday. I had a appointment in Burlington but someone cancelled it and I still dont know who did that. So, I get to my appointment in Galesburg thinking they were going to do everything for the partial and they were just going to transfer the funds as discussed. They had not spoke to them about it at all and I had to sit there and wait for them to talk to the dentist who had the final say in it and he said he did not want to do it. So, I wasted an entire day dealing with this stuff that should have already been done. I then went to my car called the Burlington Aspen and asked when they could get me in beings someone cancelled my other appointment. Taylor asked when I was available, and I told her in an hourbecause I would have had to drive an hour to get there. But they were once again closing early and didnt have any upcoming appointments that they could get me in. She then put me on hold and when she came back on, she said she just couldnt get me in and hung up on me. Couple hours later I get a phone call from the Regional telling me I was banned from all locations of Aspen Dental. I asked her who was going to fix my partial that was in my mouth rubbing sores and was told the dentist looked at and said they were fine, and no one would be doing any further adjustments on them. The dentist saw me for 5 minutes when she did the first adjustments and have not seen one sense. They are rubbing sores on my mouth in the back, on the sides and up front because they do not fit properly and are way to thick. They have a guarantee that says that you have to be 100% satisfied with your dentures, well make it right or give you 100% of your money back. They charged my insurance so I wont be able to use that again at another dentist so I would like a full of all charges in the sum of 1149.00. I would also like compensation for the pain and suffering that Ive endured and Im still dealing with Until I can get to another dentist and for wasting a whole lot of my time due to the lack of communication. Sincerely, Ruth Giese

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