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Maintenance Engineering, LTD

God please stay away from them. I am currently with them, and all I can say is stay away. I had to sign a non-solicit clause, which cover some other legal aspects. So because of this legal document I signed I am not sure what I can share. But stay away from them. I will put it like this. You have to pay money to make them money. And before you pay them money while going through the interview process, askt them these questions. Since I am about to pay money to work for you, are you going to: provide leads? provide business cards? what other things am I going to have to pay for? what is the pricing of some of the light bulbs I am to sell? Also, call around some hospitals and big industries in their area and see if they use them for lights. Stay away.
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There job is to get money from your pocket into there's and have you thank them in the process.

PS If any wants work you can pay me 50 dollars and I will let you rake leaves at my house.

Anyone interested?


So I am a salesman of over 22 years and seen it all. I do produce.

I just joined this ME-dtc for the now $100. I will give it 100% and let you all know in 90 days whats up


How's it going for you?


I'm thinking about taking on the line.

How is it going with ME so far?

Are they what they say they are?

Are you glad you went with them?

Please tell me.



Looked good on the net. Is it really just a big scam?

Anyone make any money with them or just pay fees?

Hard to find a real anything on the net. Anyone find a good company towork with.

Thnaks for the input.


They have called me. I looked them up before they got the chance to ask me for money.

Please do yourself a favor and dont work for them. They will only burn you and burden your family.

ME-dtc, you have my resume. You can come to my house anytime.

I am ready for you. Bring it.


Yes, this company runs a good scam. You think you are going to receive fantastic training, but the whole time they have you on the telephone you are listening to nothing but product *** and pre-recorded answers.



Please fill me in about this "Scam"!

I'm thinking about hiring on with them,

Hope to hear back



hi this is Patrick,they wana me to work for them they never mention anything about money,,,,i wonder if anything has change because todays date is 4/1/16....anybody know nything....thank you


how's it going?

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