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Greentree Servicing - Contacted family, my work and who knows who else.

Greentree has called my mother, brother, husband's step-grandma, employer, and whoever else because I am 15 days and $178 behind in my mortgage payment. I've requested in writing that I not be contacted by phone, guess they've "misplaced" it as it was few years ago. Evidentally verbally requesting is not enough. I'm writing another letter. I called them and said I'd be recording conversation, they would not consent. I'm filing a complaint with the FCC. I'm educating myself on the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Pretty much everything they're doing is illegal.
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I used to have a loan with Greentree but with the economy and all, in the end I was forced to let the house go back. I must admit some of the reason was the constant harrashment and problems. They miscalculated my late fees, they messed up on my so called extensions, and in the end the house was simply falling apart around me because with my high monthly payment I couldn't afford to do upkeep. Some sobering thoughts though, Greentree isn't a third party collection agency. They are the originator on your loan so they are not bound by the Fair Collections Act. I know it sucks but it's how it is.




I am having similar problems with this company. I didn't want my family to know I was having problems this winter and was struggling to make payments.

One person agreed to a payment plan and another called an left messages stating that I was deliberately ignoring their calls. I called from a place where I have a babysitting job and was treated very rudely. They then called that number (caller id, I guess because I didn't give it to them) and left a message on the machine. I lost the job because of this.

So that set me back again financially and I am still struggling to make up the payment I was lagging on. This is a company that I dealt with in the past when I purchased another mobile home. They were rude but now they are beyond rude and will not listen when you have a plan of action.

Their actions tend to subvert any plans you have to right the situation. Not sure what the solution is but if anyone has some suggestions, please let me know.


Jenny - we are having trouble with Greetree as well!

Have you contacted a Lawyer? What is going on with you NOW?

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