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Aspen Dental - Completely False Diagnosis and Total SCAM

I visited the Mishawaka, IN location of Aspen Dental because it was the only place that gave me a 'discount' on my dental plan. After a 2 hour HORRIBLE and painful experience getting xrays and the free 'examination', I was told I had 8 cavities and periodontal disease and had to come back for a deep cleaning. I HAVE NEVER HAD A CAVITY OR ANY DENTAL PROBLEMS!!!! After asking how I could develop 8 cavities in 6 months when I've never had any before, I was told by the "dentist" that it was from cavity causing bacteria from kissing my fiance (whom I had already been with for 4 years at that point). My fiance has NEVER had a cavity or any dental problems either! The final bill for recommended treatment after the 'discount' was going to be $3,500!! I walked out and visited a real dentist. After xrays, cleaning, and exam, I was told I had ZERO cavities and my gums were fine - no periodontal disease or gingivitis. Aspen Dental is a COMPLETE RIP OFF and SCAM!!! After asking around and sharing my story I have heard of numerous people with the same experience! DO NOT GO TO ASPEN DENTAL!!! Go to an actual dentist!
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i too seen Samuel Wakim at the mishawaka buisness and he wont give my money back for ill fitting dentures and was under litigation at my time of service. I too had gotten a second opinion from a real dentist.

Now they wont return my calls. i am now following legal advice and contacting the state dental board. I assure every one wronged by him do the same.

Look up litigations under his name through the state attorneys web site of indiana and you will be amazed in which his litigation was for. Donot go back ur being scammed!


Denture: Acrylic base material from Fricke, Lucitone 199 and fast por+ That's no good materials. Teeth from Z-Dent, New Hue, Classica, Portrait IPN. Cheapest brand is Z-Dent, New Hue and classic looks awful and not match pt's mouth. Aspent untold the truth... Very rip offf.... offf.. materails too... High quality teeth company name is Heraeus Kulzer, Vita, Ivoclar Vivadent, Image( for women).

Acrylic best company names: Ivoclar Vivadent, Heraeus Kulzer, Vita, Keystone(Diamond- D) strongest one. Partial framework best Bego ( made in Germany).

Aspent wont tell customer... Their all materials *** and cheap ***...


Aspen Owner richest and high profit themself. Dental lab technicians are very very low pay their salary.

Very sad... All denture materals not quality brands.

I was quit from Aspan dental lab jobs. All boss and managers are liar and artists.


Gianluca - Do not go back!!! It is a scam!

Just walk away (or RUN) and do not have further contact with them. I have spoken to at least 5 other people who have had the same experience at this same store. Go to a small, local dentist with their own practice in the area. Dr.

Daniel E. White on St. Peter St in South Bend is very good! If money is an issue, you can get a cleaning, xrays, and exam at the IUSB dental school for $25 (it does take 4 hours though, but you'll get cheap xrays to show you that you do not have 15 cavities!).

I will bet that you in no way actually have 15 cavities, and it will be worth the $100 or so to go to a real dentist for a real exam and cleaning. DO NOT GO BACK TO ASPEN DENTAL!


I just returned from visiting Dr. Samuel Wakim at the same Aspen Dental in Mishawaka.

I was told I need 15 fillings ... what should I do now?

Trust him, and go for it?! 15 fillings, with no history of cavities ever??


Frank1985: I'm sorry I did not respond to your original post sooner, I just saw it. I would be happy to participate in a story about Aspen Dental, if you are still working on it.

Bill Palmer: Thank you for the name. Very interesting.


The Mishawaka dentist is Samuel Wakim. Try Google searching his name for *** and giggles.


I am trying to write a story about the results of a local woman's visit to Aspen dental in IL. She went to them with no dental problems and since the first cosmetic procedure has been in unbelievable pain.

I have just been advised by a source that the woman had to be hospitalized this weekend due to the cosmetic dental work that was done at this Aspen location.

I would like to include in my story other patients encounters with Aspen.

I am not an Aspen employee and will be happy to provide you with ID as well as links to articles I have had published not only by my local paper, but also the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.


I went to the one on the corner of Day Rd and Grape Rd. I do not remember the name of the "dentist" who saw me. He had a student with him too that did the actual exam.


Who is the name of your dentist and which Aspen dental office did you go to?

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