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Ken Ryerson, Slanders and Defaces a Legitimate Company for His Mistakes

This Person Ken Ryerson is a very malicious and deceptive customer. He has posted on blog websites every single day, posting the same exact remarks in order to intentionally give a legitimate company a bad name for his mistakes. He wrote our company bad checks as a quote he said " I intentionally left no money in the accounts just in case they tried to cash them". Writing bad checks is ILLEGAL, any amount over $500 is a FELONY, he wrote TWO checks for $1, 000 for our company to fulfill a service to him. He is making false statement saying that we "Claimed" that we are real estate agents which I explained to him that we are a marketing company and he could have clearly viewed that on our website in plain black and white, along with our terms and conditions in which he signed and AGREED to stating directly that "We are a cooperative promotional firm and NOT a real estate broker". He is stating that we are filing paperwork and collecting commissions without a real estate license, when I explained to him that they are not commissions and they are fees for our marketing services and for remitting the offers on his property. You do not need a real estate license to collect a fee in order to assist a person in marketing the sale or rental of a property. He is also making false statements saying that we are "Claiming" that we have an in house escrow company and we do closing in house, when in fact I said that we exercise a Third party company of our choice to handle closings and transfers, that statement was able to be viewed by him Directly on our website in plain black and white. He is then claiming that he had been dealing with us for over 2 months, when indeed he only signed our contracts on the Date of March 03, 2010 then he complains to us stating that we were to contact his resort to waive his maintenance fees, well, yes, we generally do that, however, he did not even return his contract until March 03, 2010 and he made this statement just 2 days later. Our company sent him an email in January and he did not reply or return any calls regarding our services until February and then took almost a month just to return our contracts. Our firm should not have to fulfill services until he agrees with the services in which he is receiving... Right? Ok, well so then he blames us for his late fees to his resort and the overdrafts to the checks in which he intentionally left with no money available for our firm to cash in order to provide him his services. At that point, and after all of the trouble that Ken Ryerson gave us in the first place, I did not contact him back, this man has cost us punitive damages for the bounced checks as well as caused holds to be placed on our accounts due to his ignorance and carelessness. Then he blames our company for his mistakes, I think it is wrong and slanderous and it has been causing our company long term clients and many new clients. He claims that an investigation is being pursued on our company when indeed it is not. If you read all of his rants then you will understand his error, the only investigation that has been done is his own in which has proven nothing, he should have conducted his due diligence before signing our contracts, it would have saved both of us time and money and stress. I will be warning all databases of this bad customer in which writes bad checks and slanders and defaces companies in order to cost them their business. There is currently an investigation being conducted on Ken Ryerson and a Lawsuit being Drafted, all remarks and reviews in which have been placed on our company are malicious and have cost us Thousands. This needs to stop, I will stand up for my reputation and I will not let a person making false statements hurt what I have worked so hard for. Our company has a great relationship with the State of Florida, BBB, and other companies and will resolve any mischief that he has caused and pursue him for any and all applicable damages. This could have been handled more maturely by accepting the mistakes, resolving them and moving on. But he has decided to post rants everyday and intentionally hurt our company's reputation. Now people will see the real scam artist and defacer, Ken Ryerson.
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Ken Ryerson is a money stealing fraud..just like the majority of real estate agents.

We were approached by a very strong buyer for our property when we had it listed FSBO. Knowing the real estate industry, were were intent on not paying realtor fees, and thus had gone the FSBO route.

The buyer that approched us, independantly of Ken Ryerson, and we had several engagements prior to Ken Ryerson's involement in the transaction.

Ken Ryerson, like most of the folks in his industry, was intent on demanding a 3% finders fee on the transaction.

When we expresses our position on realtors and their fees, guess what..

Transaction fell through..

Why? Our only feasible explanation was that buyer was under contract with him and when we refused to pay him 3% of asking price (for which he did NOTHING) buyer wlaked away..assumably under his direction..

Sellers and buyers beware!



We have made two real estate transactions realtor can too!

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