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Bluemount - Fraud and Scam!

BlueMount Review: I had two interviews with BlueMount. My first was with Aquil or however you spell his name (a colored guy) and my second interview was with Hilary. In my first interview, I explained I was looking to make stable pay. I have a lot of background and experience in sales, retail, and customer service. I even have my own business. At both of my interviews, I was never told what the position was, the role, or what I would be doing as a job. I was manipulated by BlueMount and given the run around. What was explained to me was that BlueMount is a company that helps entrepreneurs to start their businesses and be successful. The location in Lombard was an hour and fifteen minute drive for me. I was explained to that BlueMount works with Managers, leads, and clients with ATT. With my very successful skill set, experience, and career background; I was told I would be an entry level manager. I would be trained as a manager and after learning the ropes; after less than a year I would have a salary as well as my own office with a team. I thought I would be working at this nice office job, wear business attire, sit down with leads and managers of ATT in the office or somewhere comfortable such as for coffee, help ATT with marketing, advertising, their company, metrics, promotions, design, or direct them to someone. I did not know or find out until my first official day on the job that I had it all wrong. I was never told and it was NEVER communicated to me that the job they had actually hired me for was to go door to door in neighborhoods to sell (very poor bad service from experience) Direct TV. Not just that but! The job was also only 100% commission! So BlueMount expected me to donate my time, my gas, and pay for my own gas to go door to door trying to sell Direct TV without offering any pay for even gas or mileage! When I sat in orientation, the two ladies teaching orientation looked at me like a deer in headlights when I told them this was not the job description I was told! There was no hourly or salary pay! It was all a scam and fraud! I was so furious and absolutely disgusted from being lied to, manipulated, and given the run around; that I walked out of orientation. As I was walking out, one of the managers that interviewed me had the nerve to follow me! In my two interviews I showed my credentials from my business, my own promotions, offers, posters, and designs I created myself. I showed them all my retail, sales, and customer service experience. I was told I would be an entry level manager for the BlueMount company. I was lied to, manipulated, and completely mislead! What company on God’s green earth would think someone with that much experience, have their own business, drives an hour and fifteen minutes one way to work for them; would want to work completely and only on commission, go door to door to people’s houses trying to sell them stuff, not even be paid for gas or mileage, and attempt to take advantage of you? My assumption is that BlueMount intentionally and purposely manipulated me; and gave me the run around because they knew this wasn’t the job I was seeking and they were so desperate to hire. This company is a scam, fraud, and is looking to take advantage of potential employees/associates! Terrible company!
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It is such a shame to see them try to scam so many people. Job description was NOT anything like the actual job.


Sounds like you didn't listen to them. If you ran your own business then you should have an understanding of how sales works.

Entry Level Manager sounds like the managing of sales accounts. You may have had rose-colored glasses when listening to their recruiting pitch.

If you think this company is a scam, why not contact AT&T and find out if they really work with this company? I doubt a large corporation like them would work with scam companies, right?


Nope, he's not lying or misunderstanding anything. Every word he is saying is true. The job description and interview is 100% misleading.


Totally a sham! I applied less than 2 days ago and already had both interviews which to say the least is flag number one.

They give you the run around but never once tell you what EXACTLY you will be doing they just kept repeating the position title.

I have above average experience in customer service and sales. Most entry "marketing" jobs are door to door unless you have a degree.


I can attest that the EXACT thing happened to me. They are misleading and are taking advantage of people's valuable time.


You’re wrong. This is exactly the type of shell companies the big ones set up to rip off people. This way ATT is not liable for anything.


By using the offensive and out-of-date racist term 'colored people' shows you have no business etiquette, social sensitivity or current state of the times. This shows your age, level of thinking, and most likely inability to deal with a ethnically diverse and younger work force - both internally and externally.

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Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic - Not A Heart Condition

Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic - Not A Heart Condition
I fired my vet today. I took my cat to the vet yesterday because he's been coughing. His ears are fine and no mouth sores. They did an X-ray on him and told me he had something next to his heart or a heart condition. They gave him some shots and antibiotics. I was bawling my eyes out. They recommended for me to go to this other place to get an ultrasound done of his chest. I was tossing and turning all night and kept checking on him. So I got up at 6 am and took him. They did more X-rays and the ultrasound. These were more clear. Turns out, he's fine and only has bronchitis!!!! I was livid! I was relieved he's okay but between yesterday and today with taking him to both places was almost a grand! I called my vet back today at Wonder Lake Vet and told them they told me he had a heart condition and something wrong with his heart when all he has is bronchitis. I asked them if I could get some money back, not even all of it but just some. The manager told me no and then told me how their vet disagrees with the diagnosis. I asked them why does he disagree with the diagnosis? The vet told me yesterday the X-ray wasn't clear enough, today more X-rays were done, the ultrasound, and much more clear at the other place. Unbelievable. We've been going to that vet for about a decade. Not anymore. I got a new vet today. I was so worried and scared I could get an ulcer. So my sweet beautiful loving kitty is just fine and he's turning 16 in April. All he needs is some medicine and maybe a kitty inhaler. Good grief. Wonderlake Vet told me my cat had something next to or wrapped around his heart and I spent a grand to find out they were wrong and he just has bronchitis.
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I had the same experience with Dr. Mehanovich of Wonder Lake Clinic.

My dog had vomited a black substance. I brought him and he took him right away. Dr. M took exrays and saw a shadow around his gull bladder and said he has cancer an we should euthanize him immediately.

I waited and took him to another vet and he said what Dr. M.

saw was a shadow around the gull bladder. The substance which I had a sample of was of a rodent my dog had eaten and thrown up.I almost let him kill my dog.


This was never resolved and Wonder Lake Vet never contacted me about this issue.

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Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic Veterinarian
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