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I am not writing this to get help from anyone. I realized after reading these complaints that many people do not know their consumer "rights" and I wanted to inform them as best as I can. Please, if you are being harassed by this company or any other, go to: There is plenty of information there to assist you in your rights. For starters, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, clause 805 in particular tells the consumer to send a "certified letter" to the company telling them to cease and desist all communications about the debt with the consumer. If they do not comply, you have a legal complaint. Other clause in this Act specifies threats of foreclosure, calling of third parties, additional fees, etc… Please know your rights, this company treats us like this because they know that no one will actually use the laws that are available to protect from this treatment. I'd like to add that it is very important to keep all documentation from Green Tree, document the time and person in every conversation (you can even record the calls), and be sure to visit as many sites as possible to leave complaints. We, and the government, may not be able to shut them down, but we can and it is our duty to, stop them from receiving any more business outside of what they have. We consumers need to inform other prospective customers of the tribulations that go with this company. This company is a classic "predatory lender" - they chose to lend to "high risk" borrowers just so they can collect more interest. If you read the complaints you'll see that many people mention extra payments being put towards "interest" rather than "principle" - others mention paying well more than the average APR. This company preys on your money. Know your rights and defend your fellow consumer. My story went like this: I am an employee of the federal government and I make very good money. I am not experiencing any hardship, yet they insist on treating me as if I am a habitual offender and a child. Green Tree Servicing calls repeatedly (at least once a day) concerning my mortgage payment, a debt that is not delinquent. When they call they are very insulting and at times resort to yelling at me and treating me like I have done something wrong. I have a legal mortgage "note" from the original mortgage lender (National City Mortgage) which states that my mortgage is due on the 1st of the month and that I will not be assessed a late fee until the 16th of the month. If this company doesn't have payment on the 1st of the month, they will not stop calling and harassing until it is received. I have explained to them that my payment comes from my bank and that my pay periods do not always fall into the schedule to have it delivered on or before the 1st. I have showed them that I have never been late (after the 16th) and never missed a payment. Instead of leaving it at that, they resort to insults and name calling insisting that I make my payments immediately and start doing it by the 1st if I want them to stop calling. This treatment is becoming very stressful and I have experienced much anxiety over these calls. I've never missed a payment or been late (past the 15th).
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Like rainy season in Africa. First few rains, nntoihg happens.

Then all of a sudden, it's green all of it! Nature is so beautiful and the changes in time are precious.


March 26, 2011

I have a 2nd Mortgage, serviced by Bank of America Home Loans (they obtained it when BoA bought Countrywide). Bank of America has moved the loan to another subsidiary, called Green Tree Servicing as of March 1, 2011. (How many subsidiaries does a bank need to manipulate money?)

A letter from Bank of America, Feb 7, 2011; informing me of this did not include a new loan number and said Green Tree will be contacting me with new information.

The payment was due on March 1... I had yet to receive a statement from Green Tree. I called an 800 number around March 10; the representative said the loan was still in transition between the 2 banks; and not to make a payment until I received a statement and letter from Green Tree. I was also told not to worry about any late charges for the first 60 days as they understand the confusion that can be caused by transferring loans. And when I receive a statement, it would have both March and April totals due.

I finally received a letter from Green Tree dated March 13 2011; with some information about the transfer and a statement will arrive within the next 25 days.

I finally got not 1, but 2 statements. One for March with the amount due and the second statement with combination of March and April, just like the person told me. I though great, I'll make the one payment in April.

I have now been getting harassing phone calls from Green Tree on the March payment being late.. When I talked to the representative from Green Tree and told her what took place and I had talked to another representative, she was rude and obnoxious about me not making my payments (I’ve never have missed a payment). I told her to stop the harassment and she respond “so you like yelling at people?”. Green Tree can go **** themselves.

I did not ask for my loan to be moved. Bank of America chose to do it. I do not appreciate the untimely communications from this entity; and harassing me because of their slowness to properly bill in a timely matter.

I also just noticed their statement does not include a "due by" date. At least BofA did that.

If you deal with Green Tree … RUN


Wow, my story is the same too. They are very rude to talk to.

I have never been so disrespected on the phone before.

I've only been dealing with them for 4 months now, and I'm already in the process of finding my way away from them. You end up feeling like you have been "set up" for disaster with changes in the payment amounts and due dates, unauthorized transactions on your bank accts., and when you call to find out what's going on you literally get yelled at, and treated like dirt.


Green Tree Servicing has been treating me the same way about my payment, but my thing is that my payment are due on the 15th of each month and they say it suppose to be on the 1st, but I was told that it was due on the 15th, I don't know were they are going up with all these late charge and they expect you to pay more, It's is a lot that I got to say about this company, Oh how about when they call around in your community telling your information to family & friends about your business, yes I have proof, my things is what can we do about this? HELP


Just an FYI, that may be helpful. If you do change your phone number and when you call them, make sure you block the number, they are not able to have their computer system/calling system automatically read your number for them to call you back on.

You can do a *67 and then dial GT number. This may help stop the calling.


Wow, I have the same problem with this company my loan recently got bought by green tree, my contract reads the same yet, they insult me, and they call on a saturday at 7 am this is absurd , I have fico score of 800 and over I have never been late , this company needs to stop this unfair practices.

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