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I was going from Baltimore to Boston on Megabus. I purchased 5:10 - 8:20 Baltimore-NY ticket and 8:50 - 1:05 NY-Boston ticket. I arrived on Baltimore Megabus station on time. A Megabus came at 5:10, but allowed only passengers who had 4:10 tickets, and all the...
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I can sympathize with Vladimir_m from his post above. My family and I traveled to NY on 12/18 and had tickets to return on 12/20, but a major snowstorm hit that day and Megabus canceled all service.

We understood that but when I called to just have the tickets for the 20th rolled over to the 21st, I was told they couldn't do that and was instructed to buy 5 more NEW tickets and they would refund me the money from the canceled reservation. That was in December 2009. Today is May 7th 2010 and I am STILL trying to get my refund from 12/20. Just like Vladimir, I had no luck with the 877 number (unless I wanted to make a purchase).

I experienced hold times of nearly 2 hours on one occasion, 47 minutes another time and about 1 hour 15 minutes yet a third time when I called the 908 "customer service" number. I tried one more time today and still couldn't get anyone to answer after about 24 minutes. Never got through. And the people at the 877 number were unsympathetic and borderline rude when I explained that I could never get through on the 908 number.

The rep I spoke to today actually said "Yeah, that's too bad. Sometimes they get really busy." Then he said "What's your problem anyway? You can go online and fill out a form." which just seemed very rude to me. I told him I had been trying to get my refund since December and he told me I shouldn't have waited so long!!

Besides, I tried the online form and got nowhere with that one either. I finally filed a complaint with the BBB and hope that it produces a refund.

The way Megabus does business is just unacceptable. I would warn others to use another bus company.

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