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When Comcast 1st took over my area there were alot of issue with internet connections after trying 2 cable modems with my accnt they then said we need to send a tech out when the tech came he tested the modem and found it was getting a bad signal so he had put a test modem on the accnt after he did that and called in the test modem he still didnt get a good signal when he called back in he was on speaker phone and i heard them day that there were 3 modems active on the accnt meaning they did not release the other modems out of there system after they had released the other modems the test modem sync up and was pulling a good signal the tech had said we need to replace your modem I questioned it becasue I knew that they didnt release the modems on there end we ended up buying a modem from Comcast and the tech hooked it up 40.00 for the modem I know in this area they took on something like 400,000 new customers and i know i was not the only one that had to buy a new modem alot of residental and commercial accnts had to buy a new modem it just doesnt seem right when you have a cable modem that is working fine and then all of a sudden doesnt and the only HSI cable provider telling you your going to new modem I belive they had flashed or blocked the modems from reciveing a good signal to be able to make a quick buck you can do the math for self even if 20,000 people out of 400k had to buy new modem thats like 800,000.00 nice chunk of cash I would like to see the numbers on how many people they told they new a new modem and how many people went ahead and bought one from comcast and comcast has now said that they dont sell modems anymore they only rent ? And I have to say Insight's service was way better we still have issues with our internet but they dont care about us consumers becasue they know they have the market in my area comcast better get on the ball and provide the best service we ever had
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