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USAA Mortgage Dept Poor Service

USAA Mortgage Dept employees treatment to customers is HORRIBLE. We are hardly able to get hold of our LOAN SPECIALIST. On top of everything we leave messages on her voice mail and she never returns our calls. We had to keep calling and when we are able to get hold of her, her attitude is horrible. She makes us feel like SHE IS DOING US A FAVOR. In their website states that they suppose to review your documents withing 3 days of receiving it and we still waiting....My husband is shopping around for another mortgage company. USAA is not what it use to be!
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We recently had a terrible experience attempting to acquire a loan. Unreturned calls, late requests for information, and general lack of response to our needs.

We grew so frustrated with the poor customer service that we went an alternative route. The service has gone downhill and although we have been members for over 30 years, we will not go there again.


I cannot agree more! I dealt with the Yolanda person and her eubonics as well. The *** does not understand basic loan terminology and defended the performance of our processor lady (some mexican that barely spoke english- wow there is a surprise- NOT) the incompetent nit wit that is in charge of the mortgage dept needs to be fired


I am posting everywhere I can to warn people about USAA and their horrible treatment of customers (members) - USAA Mortgage is run by mexican immigrants, I am totally convinced of that!! Our VA Mortgage Processor, could not communicate well at all (and I think she cursed out my husband in Spanish) therefore, I will tell everyone I know AND the VA loan center about how Veterans and their families are treated.

I applied alnong with my husband for a VA Refinance a month ago. My husband is 100% disabked as a result if service in Afghanistan- a grenade exploded under him during a "sweep". He is a grunt, an infantryman and would die for his country- and he almost did!! Anyway, our VA Processor kept telling us he has to pay the 3.3% funding fee. Then, she changed her mind and said no he did not. She refused to accept any paperwork from the VA with his rating. This incompetant *** mexican lady put us through *** and back! It finally came to the point that our lock expired not once but twice on us. Had we gone through with the USAA refinance, we would have had another half a percent tacked on to our rate.

I am thinking that this malicious treatment has to be criminal or fraud. I find it hard to believe that a fortune 500 organization would be so "politically correct" in its hiring to reflect the large mexican american population in TX without regard to skill or merit. I understand that they have a consumer reporter on KENS 5 in SA. I have contacted him and they will be airing an expose on USAA Mortgage Services in early Feb 2011.

I want to vomit when I think of the bad people there.


Wow!! I think I did talk to a nicole AND a supervisor named Yolanda.

They were both rude and dumb as a rock when I asked questions about our VA refi in process last week!! what a small world


USAA Mortgage Serices is truly a nightmare. My husband was an Infantryman that was killed incombat in Afghanastan when he stepped on a mine.

I know the "Yolanda" you speak of. She apparently is a Senior in San Antonio who will never return my calls. She makes sure she avoids me when she sees my number. The loan processor assigned said that she was strictly a contract or "temp" worker and she was simply woking as a temp for Christmas money then she would quit.

I am trying to refinance my home and my rep never returned a call and when she did she BLAMED ME for not locating my huisband;s death certificate within the 3 day window they have. I found it about 2 weeks beofre closing and when I faxed it to her 4 times, she said it was too late- she had "Yolanda" withdraw the file and my $350 was lost and my 4.25% rate was gone!!! I have 2 children under 2 and now I do not know if I can afford to stay in my home. I think that their use of "temp" employees is deploarable!

Also, this "Yolanda" is a total female version of a thug. I will be contacting CNN as well and 20/20 How ironic it is that a company that "wraps" itself in the American Flag is so hypocritical! Do not even get me started on having to talk to offshore call centers in India or eslewhere when I called ni for mortgage status.

The news magzine TV shows will have a field day with this USAA. Disgusting.


Sounds like you had my loan processor Nicole. She refused to return calls and even e-mails.

My agent said she couldn't believe how hard it was to get ahold of the loan processor. Nicole Malec - please find a new career!!!


Buying our first house in 12 years, USAA loan processing seems to be incompetently staffed. I wonder if they reserve higher quality-of-service specialists for senior military members/retirees?

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