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US Bank - False available checking balance

WtfWtfWtfI live check to check I do not have a lot of money.but I EXPECT that when my banking app says oh you have at least a positive balance left over that it's going to be that! I stopped spending after covering bills and some things for myself and had about $46 left. IT DISPLAYED THIS FOR TWO. DAYS. then I wake up to "LOL WE LIED YOURE NEGATIVE$139 ENJOY $36 A POP OVER DRAFT FEES TILL FRIDAY".I am absolutely sick and absolutely angry I will be finding a new bank.

User's recommendation: DO NOT TRUST THEM.

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Please Please Please tell us you're in the 8th grade and don't know how to handle a checking account. If so, I apologize and suggest you ask your mom and dad for help.

If you're an adult, you're a dumpster fire who doesn't need a checking account. BANKING 101 requires YOU to know how much money you have on hand all the time. It's not a bank's job to tell you to stop being a fool and spending what you don't have. If you have $100.00, spend $99.00, common sense says you only have $1.00 left.

Your recommendations are stupid at best. NO ONE with any sense banks as you do. It's clear personal responsibility isn't your thing.

Oh wait, this is a JOKE...Sorry...I get it. Good one...


You insult this person because they aren’t in the same financial health as you? You useless, inadequate, sad little troll.


No, you muppet.. I called out a FOOL and can't handle a simple banking account.

No, I'm not in this person's financial space because I KNOW how to handle a bank account. I'm sorry if this is how YOU run your bank account and my comments resonate with you.

As to being a sad little troll, what is sadder, me or you who allowed someone who is "useless" to rule your emotions, prompted you to post and took over your (LOL) "life" if only for a few moments. It's time to rethink your (LOL) "life" you smell like a Serial Dead Beat.


You should know that transactions take a few days to clear. If you have $100 and spend $50, but the app still says $100, that’s not free money and you actually have $50 left.

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I want an apology and I want all over draft fees if there are any to be waived and then I want to close my account