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American Home Shield - If It Still Works At All, Don't Fix It At All

That's the motto of American Home Shield (AHS). If you have a covered unit that is showing definite signs that it is just about to fail but it is still working when an AHS "service" representative stops by,you can forget having it fixed even if it is a simple and cheap repair. You have to wait until it's undeniably dead and buried and then you will likely have to wait several more days for another "service" representative to go by your house. Then you might have to wait 2 weeks for a part to come in and be installed. Or worse yet, the "service" representative will tell you the item failed due to some trumped up "lack of proper maintenance" issue and thus you are not covered. Our washer now makes a loud rattling noise when filling. A 3 year old could tell there's a problem. An AHS "service" representative came by and said the noise is because our house water pressure is low. I told him there has been zippo change in the water pressure but the noise just started and requested that he explain this mystery. I even offered to check the water pressure (I have a gauge) to see if it was in the normal range. He was impressed with my resourcefulness, but still refused to repair the washer. I'm 90% sure it is the water control valve which is relatively cheap and is not a big job to replace. But nooooooo. I'll have to wait until there's absolutely no water at all going into the washer and then if I'm lucky I get to pay another $55 "service" charge to get the part replaced. There is some value in an AHS contract but a hefty dose of aggravation will be included.
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As a former contractor with AHS, I will tell you the pressure is on to do the repairs as cheap as possible. After working with them for 4 years, I finally drew the line and refuses to do below standard work. I was told by AHS I would not be used as their contractor any longer.

My advice to the consumer is to put your AHS policy money in the bank and pay a GOOD repair person when needed. You will pay less and get better service.

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Here are some tips: call back and ask to be connected to your local AHS rep. They can help you out, offer personal service and get/clarify questions and answers! If cust service cant, call a realty comp and ask them who the rep is.

AND... ask for a 2nd OPINION!

Also, go online and read the contract! Like all other warranties, see what is and isnt covered. I have WONDERFUL experiences with AHS and WOULD NOT use anything else!

AND...... ask questions?!?!? Be there and be involved (if you can)


This company is absolutely ridiculous. They are another one of those companies that will lure you in with promises and then find every loophole they can to avoid servicing you once you have paid your dues. I paid my first year of owning this house and called them to fix my jacuzzi. They came up with some ridiculous excuse and to this day it is still broken. Four hundred dollars unused and down the drain. I still decided to pay for them again the second year of owning the house and I called them to fix my washing machine. The concluded that something must have come off my a piece of string...and wrapped itself around the pump or caused a malfunction in the pump. They sat there and told me in my face that if the pump was broken they would fix or replace it. But since it will still work ( all it needs is repair) they will not touch it.

They told me i would have to pay the contractor myself to repair it....costing hundreds of dollars.

They make their money by refusing to pay contractors for service. They are criminals.

A complete waste of 800$ in the last two years. They will find any excuse not to service you once they suck you in. STAY AWAY~~!!!!!!

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