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Not only did RTTEMPS help me find work in a down economy, they did it with the patience and professionalism you you would want when going to a recruiter who is supposed to be working for you and not just counting you as part of their quota. RTTEMPS is also a company that is in touch with their customers using social media and being connected to their customers in more ways than one. It showed me that there are ways to go beyond traditional customer service. Whatever this other person posted, he seems like a very vindictive and bitter individual who has nothing better to do than to wait for people to say something nice so he can submit an opposite response. It seems rather infantile. Take it from a satisfied customer, they treat their clients right and are doing something right in a time where there is so much wrong with the world.
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Doing your job is hard enough without the threat of employee lawsuits hanging over your head. But make no mistake – employees today have a WEALTH of information at their disposal about what you can and cannot do as an employer. When one mistake could land you in court, you need to be confident and secure that everything you do is legally sound. With the number of employee lawsuits on the rise, it’s never been more critical to have a thorough understanding of today’s hottest legal issues – ones that could land your company in hot water. Think about the lost time, productivity, and money that can come from a single lawsuit – and that’s even if your company wins! Just imagine what would happen if your company lost in court.

Complaints of wage theft have risen as the economy tumbled. Allegations range from underpayment to not getting paid at all. It's definitely on the rise nationally because of the economic crisis. Employers are desperate to shave corners when their profits are going down, and some are just greedy. RTTEMPS is one of them.

Despite my cautionary writings, they routinely sign contracts replete with unfavorable terms. By doing so, they unknowingly agree to be eliminated with minimum notice, demoted or banished to far away jurisdictions, see their salary slashed and prevented from competing with their employer following their departure – all with legal impunity.

They are not paying their vendors back, they owe state taxes in a number of states throughout the country, and they have many open cases with state labor boards for not paying their employees. I am so happy to hear they are closed. They got what they deserved. I love how the "old" bitter officer of the company tries to pretend it isnt' just to save face. So sad...


1. Base pay was low for experienced professionals.

2. Employees were not respected as we were never rewarded for a job well done. The managemnt style is fear based via negative reinforcement as opposed to positive.

3. Benefits were poor as there were high out of pocket expenses (deductables) and a very low contribution on behalf of the employer.

4. There was no job security as more people were asked to leave than actual people staying.

5. If you consider being on-call (without pay) and working evenings and weekends as part of good work/life balance than you can decide.

6. There is no opportunity for advancement for most poeople. You should expect to stay in the same position you were hired for.

7. Location was charming - within walking distance to several restaurants and boutiques

8. I made several really good friends at this company that we all keep in contact with. The one thing we shared in common was our frustrations with this organization and the lack of respect.

9. Work environment was negative and hostile. One sided managment approach made it very diffucult for employee morale. :grin


Go blow it our your *** That is in fact what you do best you old, decrepit, foaming at the mouth, misanthrope, spinster! You know that you are the chief cook and bottle washer now and you have no one left to help you because you burned so many people.

Karma is definitely catching up to you finally!

I'm enjoying every minute of it. :upset :p

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