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Americas Servicing Company - Can't believe they are still in business!

Long story as short as i can make it. Moved from MA and obtained a "sub-prime" (didnt know it at the time) loan in 2005 in CT, which unfortunately at the time was a penalty state, (MA is no penalty for prepay of a mortgage at anytime, I didn't know penalty states existed), 2 year adjustable, which I was told to refinance before payments went up. Original lender sold loan to ASC after only a few months. Fast forward to 2007, the 2 year penalty period now over, and applied for and was approved for refinance pending appraisal by another company. From the time I applied to the time appraisal was ordered (about a month and a half) the market had crashed so fast that my house dropped 30k in value and I couldn't get the loan because house now wouldn't appraise. A month later, my monthly payment jumped $450 a month instead of my anticipated DECREASE of $200. Already struggling because my commute to work was an hour and ten minutes each way and gas had reached $4 a gallon, doubling what it was when I moved 2 years prior, and being a single Mom, unaware of state assistance or SNAP, I was living on credit cards for groceries and to fill my car gas tank to get to work so I could pay my mortgage on time. After 2.5 months of this, i called ASC and asked if I could modify the loan. This is the beginning of the crash and no protections had been in place at this time. They told me they would not take an application on a modification because I was still current on my mortgage and had to be behind 3 months to start the process. I explained i was only current because my credit card was used for everything else. They told me not to pay for 3 months, use that money to try to pay down card and call back in 3 months. Fast forward 3 months and many nasty letters to me, as well as several calls to cust srvc (needed to allot 2 hours each time just to reach someone!) and was still told not to worry about letters and they would now send out modification packet. 2 weeks later, still no packet, 4 weeks later, no packet. Finally get through and they say they can't find record that I had requested it, but will send. I receive packet, fill it all out and both fax AND mail it and necessary verifications back within a week. 2 weeks goes by, 3, 4...I call again spending hours to get through. I'm told yes, they have it, give them 2 to 4 weeks to review. ANOTHER 4 weeks go by, i call again only to be told they have no idea who i spoke to, there were no notes in my account that I had called the month prior and they DON'T have my packets I faxed and mailed. They give me a new fax number (luckily I had made copies) and I fax again. Called back in a week and told too soon to know if it was received and to try again in a few more weeks. This run around goes on for several more months. Finally, almost a YEAR after my first call when i was still current, I am told I am denied modification because I can't afford "any loan". Even though I am working full time and had been prebiously approved for a refinance through another company. What?! Anyway put house on market for short sale (thinking I am doing the "right" thing) and make numerous court appearances and judge keeps extending foreclosure since my house is on the market. It finally sells, my credit is shot and I end up having to file bankruptcy (I didnt know at the time I could do that and keep my house, or I would have!). My sin was hope for a new life after divorce coupled with naivety, ignorance and very bad timing (market crash and recession). Theirs was complete and outright deception and thievery. I hadn't looked back, but it just occurred to me to look them up to see when they went out of business. Instead, I'm shocked, furious and disheartened to find they are still in business AND still using the same deceptive practices! Where's the justice? Stay away, stay very far away. And if your loan gets sold to this company, refinance with another ASAP! Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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