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Genworth - Annual "Proof of Life" required

With Genworth Life Insurance Company, If you have an annuity that pays you money, you have to sign and notarize a form that you are still alive every year, to receive benefit payments without interruption. Now my bank will not do this and it is really inconvenient to find someone who will do it! They don't even send a self stamped envelope and will not reimburse you, if you have to pay for the notarization. If you call them on the telephone, how do they know who they are talking to? Maybe they should come to your house and take a fingerprint every year at their own expense. No other company I do business with puts you through such a hassle.
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Proof of life is an inconvenience and the threat of your annuity being cut to seniors is stressful.. If a person dies it is the banks responsible to notify the insurance co.

I sent it in and I than got another notice.

had to call to make sure they got which they did. With this policy I would never recommend Genworth.


Our attorney is weighing the options of filing a class-action suit against Genworth for their "Proof of Life" requirement as an age discrimination case. Especially given that all insurance companies receive daily death certificate reports.

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Genworth Annuity
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Scott Yancey Real Estate Course

Went to a "dinner" to hear about Scott Yancey Real Estate Money Making. After 2 hours of hype, they had people pay over $1,000 each to sign up for their 3 day courses on how to make money in real estate. I read on the internet that after you go through these 3 days of hard sell, they ask for much money to go to the next level for $30,000. You may get the $1300 back, if you finish with them but wait, you have to have MORE instruction. They also had a woman talk on how she went through the program and sold 51 houses but no proof of that: could have been a cleaning lady making extra cash to talk. The talk was at 6 pm with a promise of "dinner". After 2 hours of hype, did not get dinner because some unsuspecting people were signing up. We left and were not sorry to miss the turkey sandwich
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With a last name like “Yancey” you should have known better than to trust him.

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Scott Yancey Course
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