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he is a attorney in westfield nj.whatever you do,do not hire him,he will take your money and do nothing for you,promises you he take care of your problem but does nothing in return and also asks you for more money.he is the biggest liar i ever met.paid him 3500 and never produced one document he said he was.unreal.beware of him,come off as a nice guy,but is not.doesnt even have an office,charges you time to drive to your house.dresses like a *** & looks like one.after i hired him,he went on vacation ,probably with my money.had a realestate closing and wasnt even there.never produced anything,and charged for emails while he was away.
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Howard you piece of *** ***! *** you and your family! You are the devil!


I went in front of this guy when he was a judge in Union in 1996 for Petty Disorderly offense and he sentenced me to the max, 30 days, then sentenced me to contempt of court, 30 days, then kept me in his holding cell intentionally for 5 days before I had to have lawyer come and extract me from this cell. This guy was the most arrogant, disrespectful clown of a judge I have ever seen in my life.

My only regret is that he didn't drown in that boating accident where his three friend's did perish. Karma is a *** Howie.


As someone told me about this, I looked it up to read for myself. It was so easy to detect who wrote this from the info provided and the applicable date.

This person's legal dilemma was so significant by virtue of failure to legally obtain protection in dealings with family and failure to properly administer affairs associated with those family matters, with the "promise" that "family" would provide protection, that the matter presented was "shovel ready" (a shovel needed to begin digging out of the hole that then existed with severe time constraints). A written retainer agreement was prepared, signed, and set forth the terms of the engagement. The results were not satisfactory to this person's liking. That, unfortunately, is the reality of life.

Lawyers are not magicians but it's always easier to blame someone else for the mistakes we make. The old saying is true: "some clients swear by you, and some swear at you".


See he hasn't changed in over 25 years! Pompous and very full of himself.

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