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Postmates #2011118
I trusted that postmates would be able to deliver food that i paid for from a restaurant all they had to do was deliver it one mile down the street i did not get my food and food i got was cold i called couldn't speak to anyone chatted with some chick on my phone who said they were putting my money back on my card as we speak she was putting the refund back now i did not specify nor did i feel the need to specify whether it was going to be on a postmates card or my bank card because i never had to postmates card before and after this experience won't be needing a postmates card i would like for my money to be put back onto my bank card that you took it off of today that's when you took it off that's when i would like you to put it back i need someone to call me before i contact facebook every other social media website i could freaking possibly imagine until somebody understands that this is absolutely unacceptable behavior that i've experienced with this company's thus far if you have a supervisor i suggest you have them call me i don't want to make it my mission in life to launch a full on boycott postmatesnor would i hate to get on there and say anything but wonderful things abo...
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