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Glamour Lace Wigs - Hair Network Ripp-Off

I paid for in full for a custom wig from The Hair Network, Glamourlace wigs. The owner, Cathy Nedd, assisted me in placing my order.I paid in full on 11/2009. She stated because my wig was a custom order it will take over 45 days to be completed. I have still NOT received a wig after 4 months and Cathy Nedd laughs and hangs up on me anytime I call.The owner is cunning by telling her customers to wait for custom orders which happen to fall past any Paypal or credit card dispute times. This is fraud!
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Kiera Turner says that these reports are nothing but lies. Well, I am a new customer to the Hair Network or should I say, I would have been a new customer.

I have been trying for more than a month to make a purchase through PayPal, but every time I get an error that PayPal does not recognize the Seller's email address.

I have called Cathy Nedd twice and email her with no response. So as a new customer, what am I to think?


I never received my wig either and Cathy won't give me a refund. This company is hit or miss.

Sometimes they do send a wig and sometimes they don't. I won't be fooled by them again and my friend who did get her wig from The Hair Network/ Glamourlace Wigs, got a cheap lace wig that I wouldn't even let my dog wear!


It always amazes me how people get on these boards and tell lies a seller in hopes that no one else will buy from them. The Hair Network has been in business longer than most of these businesses online and they have thousands of customers that have received excellent service. I know because I am one of them.

It's unfortunate that sites like this allow people to say anything they want to say with no proof of their allegations.

The Hair Network is the manufacturer of Glamourlace Wigs. Their wigs are made from REAL indian hair, unlike most of these businesses. I have never had a problem.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

@Kiera Turner

I agree with u Kiera, I've been a customer since 2008 when she had a shop in Michigan. I've never had any problems getting my wigs!

She was a great rep of her company and very knowledgable about her products! I'm 1 satisfied customer


I totally agree with you that Glamor Lace Wigs aka constitutes shady business. Horrible service, be cautious....

I had heard nothing but wonderful things about Hairnetwork, so I decided to order a wig from them. I used Paypal since it was advertised that I would receive an instant $10 rebate from them for using Paypal. Needless to say, I received my "in stock" wig 1 month later and still have not received my $10 paypal rebate, and it is now 4 months later. Interesting how my fast they wanted my money, yet could not send my product or my rebate in any timely manner.

Additionally, I contacted Cathy numerous times about my wig via email and phone. I was constantly lied to that it was in the mail and should be there in 2 days. I asked for a tracking number. I was given invalid tracking numbers, requiring me to call or email back.

Each time I called about my $10 rebate, Cathy takes down my information, and I never receive my rebate. Do not be fooled by any "special" they claim to have going on.- BEWARE- EXTREMELY SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES!

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