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Kroger - Department Review

The Kroger in Lebanon TN is probably the worst store I have ever shopped at. Many items either have no prices orvthey ate stocked so far from the shelf tag that it is very difficult or impossible to match up. They layout is awful, with bread at one end of thevstore and the bakery at the other end, pringles are in the cracker aisle, some breajfast foods are by canned goods while others in their own aisle, and on and on. Add to that basically incompetent employees and it just basically sucks. Ibhave written emails to the corporate hq and never even gotten a reply. Their are few opfions here, but I will be doing less and less with them.
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Poor customer service
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Advanced Tax and Income Services - Incompetent Tax Preperation

I went in to their office and needed to file an amendment to my 2011 taxes as I received additional information after they had gone in. I brought all my previous tax records (past 4 years) and told them I had carry over losses that should more than cover the added income. They insisted the only carry over I had was Capitol Gains and that only 3,000 could be used from year to year. They completed the amendment and told me I owed IRS over $600, for which they charged me $125. I disputed their use of the carry over losses but they were insistent. I left there and called the accountant in Arizona that had previously told me I could use the losses, and he assured me they were available as they were not Cap Gain losses but were instead Net Operating Losses and absolutely could be used against Rental Income. I took my previous taxes to H&R Block, also in Lebanon TN and asked them about it. They looked at the forms and immediately saw the Net Operating Loss and assured me it was a no brainer. They redid the amendment and I owed $32. A lot better that over $600. They also did my 2012 return and got me a refund whereas the people at Advanced thought I would likely owe a couple thousand. I am very glad I did not let Advanced do my 2012 returns and that I questioned what they had done. They are incompetent when it comes to taxes and should not call themselves a Tax Service. I could have done a better job with Turbo Tax. I did not get a refund from them and doubt I will. Just want to warn others to steer clear of these amateurs
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ADT Security is a rip off

I used ADT security for nearly 4 years in my small computer shop. Due to the economy, I was forced to close my doors and go out of business. All of my vendors and service providers were easy to work with, except for ADT. They stated that the contract was for 5 years and not a day less and any cancellation would require that I pay the remainder of the contract out (near $550). Since I was going out of business, I did not exactly have a lot of cash, so I opted to just continue the monthly payments for the term. Here is where the issue started. Since we closed, we had to forward the mail. We did not receive a bill or any other written notice until one day we got a letter from an attorney demanding the entire amount immediately. We had made a payment on Dec 29th and the attorney letter was received on Feb 8th, barely 6 weeks. Since they had arbitrarily decided to cancel us, and get an attorney on it immediately, we had no choice but to come up with the cash. DO NOT use ADT for ANYTHING. They are corrupt jerks that are unwilling to work through anything.
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Why are u calling ppl that disagree with you trolls? I disagree with you as well.

You moved, whether or not you did/didn't call adt and provide them with a new address is really irrelevant. They could've decided to send your bill to'd still b responsible for your monthly bill. Failure to pay causes them to cancel the account for non-payment.

Two months later you get a collection bill. I see no fault of adt in any of this whining.


The same thing happened to my mother. She moved and wanted to cancel her ADT service.

Understanding she committed to 2 years of service, she wrote the company and asked them what to do to cancel and also requested a final bill. She was told she would have to pay her contract out but if she reinstated service within a year what she paid would apply to the new service. Fine. She paid her contract out nver receiving a final bill.

The next communication she received from ADT was from their attorneys within 2 weeks of canceling her service. Why? For their fees? Why?

She honored the contract by paying it out in full. They said they had been trying to contact her but couldn't. Why? They had their money.

All of it!

And they cashed the check. They are money hungry bullies.


I know that ADT tactics are very sneaky because I too was a victim. Just say no to ADT because there are better companies out there.


Dispatch Emergency Operator training just is hall_linda_133@***.net


I was called for a job interview on Friday Aug 5, 2011. I was explained of 4 weeks of training then final test of 95% or greater.

10-11 bucks a hour during training.

If hired as emergency dispatcher, is there anything I should know since I read the rip off report before I go through all the training process


funny. and unfortunately just found out the 3 year contract i supposedly signed was for five years.

my fault for not looking the whole thing over. i never ever would have signed a 5 year contract intentionally.

adt sales are liars and the company inflexible. funny considering my alarm has gone off twice in 3 years and not even a call from adtin either instance.



Another TROLL that does not know what the heck they are talking about. Butt the heck out you ***.


If you sign a contract for 5 years ,you must honor what you sign or DONT SIGN IT!Read!

Simple this is true for ANY COMPANY.If it says cancellation fees apply,if you end the

contract early,then its not lying.

Why complain?





Your reply was absolutely false. You should but out of things you do not understand.

We made all payments. including one on 12/28.

The letter was received on 2/8 (Hmmm does not sound like 180 days to me) Also, this was the FIRST contact I had from them since the 12/28 payment. I never got a January bill, or it did not get forwarded (doesn't really matter since it was only barely over a month anyway).

Does ADT pay you to troll you imbecile?

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