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USAA- The best!

Love USAA insurance and banking products! They are truly the best. I've been with them since 1993 and have never been so well treated and received such quality products and pricing from any other. Very pleased! (No, I don't work for them nor do I know anyone who does). Honestly and A+++ company who cares about their products, service, and clients. I appreciate their quality products, service, and pricing. And, like the fact that if I need to speak to one of their representatives, I can actually understand them! Thank you USAA. I gladly recommend you! You have proven you are the Best!
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I've had USAA since 1965 and I couldn't be more pleased--they were there for me when a moving company wrecked all of our belongings and were there for a couple of other claims for home and auto. Even when my credit card number was stolen last year--they promptly handled everything. I think they are absolutely the best company.

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Usaa Banking Service
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Indymac Bank - Indymac

Update by user May 06, 2013

I can not utterly express the frustration I feel right now. It looks like we may be moving back. We have had our house on the market for a long time now (30 months). Couldn't understand why we hadn't received any offers (Rec'd good offer last year, but Indymac killed deal because they tacked on an additional $8K and wouldn't release house). We winterized the house in December. In January, they (Mortgage co.- IndyMac) had an inspection/winterization done and put a notice on the window that said "With Damages". I find this out now 4 months later because I went down to check on the property personally. Come to find out a $250 fix would have taken that scarlet letter off our window; and a possible sale may have happened...

To top it off, the 'showings' have left a broken window and someone tore off the handle to the hot tub. (I haven't even seen the inside yet).

Told mortgage company we'll be moving back in... make sure no vandalism takes place, etc. Whether or not this house goes back on the market, is to be seen. I truly tried doing the responsible, right things to the best of my ability... But, when some are in it for 'the money'; it was to their advantage to leave the house 'sitting'.. all the while, tacking up the home-owner's bill while homeowner had it listed.

They don't want this house sold. Thought with my moving back in and taking it off the market they would HAVE to make a move. This has been an utter nightmare.

We'll see what's next...

Original review posted by user Feb 02, 2010
I applied for a mortgage reduction 1 year ago. To date, every time I call (or now they are calling) they state the same thing. We haven't approved this because we need updated financial information. I played along w/ this for the past year. Seems it takes them 2 months to review the updated financial information (which then is considered 'old'), and there we go again. I have not been late on any of my payments, however struggle to make them each month. Even in the beginning it was a joke with "We didn't get page __". When I know they did because I made a copy of everything I submitted. Then to top it off, I can't fax anything to them (their fax machine won't receive from 2 fax machines I have tried from) hence, everything has to be by regular mail. What a farce! What are they doing here?
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if you deal with customer service it can be a nightmare, ask them if they have a personal fax number, if not, ask for their supervisor and ask for their fax number. Fax it to them, or ask for loss mitigation.

fax it to someone that has their own fax number so they can image it into your file right away. If you send it to a general ***, that machine runs all night long and can spill all over the place.

Always..i mean always put your account number on each document, that way they will have to image it in, if not, it goes into a research pile and then never makes it into your file. If you have any questions, answer me here or email me at indymacguide@***.com


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User Submitted Review Posted On: 2010-01-22

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Posted by: LGWLDCat73

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Indymac /One west bank sherking-chevygal whr r u.

INDYMAC BANK Complaint by LGWLDCat73

You were reading a complaint about INDYMAC BANK.

Filing a new complaint about

I have had it up to my ears with the run-around,can't locate paperwork B.S

that my wife and i are having to deal with in getting our loan modification off the ground. After having phoney cert.mail pik-up slips and door hangers thrown at us by irreputable loan mongers and lawyers we finally got something from Indywest bank and thought this would be the one to go with so we made contact and due to my wifes health and being off work(not to mention being a state worker)were not able to come up with her income projection for the following requested months.Also had a deadkine that weekend and being friday afternoon we wrote off our sat. to faxing documents to said contacts,,,,well after not hearing anything for a month we contacted them.Here's the response:We never recieved anything overnite,,,double grrrr.So now we are trying once again to satisfy these folks with everything they need.NOW,,when we first got started with this thing,whilst my wife was on the phone w/indywest i decided to see if i could quickly garner some info, from folks who may have had similar exp's

low and behold there was a landslide of entries at this site on just this same subject,soooooo i saved to fav's a few responses and one inparticular stuck out,it was posted by chevy gal and she had some great luck with contacting some gov officials,i am hoping she might read this and send me some info on whom she delt with etc,so chevygal if your out there and read this could you please hep me out?

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1. Written by foreclose ...death, on 11-02-2010 09:46

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1. Written by death foreclosure, on 11-02-2010 09:37

BRIDGEPORT -- The death of a man whose body was found Wednesday in a North End home under foreclosure is being investigated as "untimely."

The man, who was not immediately identified, was discovered lying on the kitchen floor in the raised ranch-style home at 350 Alba Ave. shortly before noon.

Police said there were no obvious signs of trauma to the man's body, but are waiting for the results of an autopsy to determine if foul play may have been a factor in the death.

"At this point we are investigating an untimely death while we wait for the results of the autopsy," said police Capt. James Viadero.

According to city records, the home is owned by David Avilez. Court records show the home is currently in foreclosure proceedings and Avilez had an appointment at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in Superior Court with a foreclosure mediator.

The body was found after police received a call from a neighbor reporting a disturbance at the home. When officers arrived, they said it appeared the rear sliding glass door had been forced open. Inside, they found the male victim on the floor and water running in the kitchen sink.

The yellow, vinyl-clad home is on a dead-end street off Reservoir Avenue. Several small children were sledding on the small hill behind the house when police pulled up. A large box was resting against the rail on the front porch.

Neighbors said the owner lived alone in the house and mainly kept to himself.


2. Written by one west bank no good, on 10-02-2010 12:48

Indymac (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-12-04 by Ryan [send email]


The seller's loan was with Indymac. They are a horrible bank to do business with. They don't return calls, they change there story from week to week, and nobody is accountable. We were at the closing table the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (which they picked date). Then once we were there they did not send over the approval letter because some authority was out of town that needed to sign off on it...


2. Written by indymac no good, on 10-02-2010 12:52

Indymac (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-12-04 by Ryan [send email]


The seller's loan was with Indymac. They are a horrible bank to do business with. They don't return calls, they change there story from week to week, and nobody is accountable. We were at the closing table the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (which they picked date). Then once we were there they did not send over the approval letter because some authority was out of town that needed to sign off on it...

IndyMac Federal Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-10-21 by Ollive [send email]

Terrible bank

Someone in Indymac or representing the investor has to understand that they can't get back to the market price existed 3 months ago. Market prices keep changing, and the trend now is going down as everyone knows. Anyone has any idea how to get to the higher level in Indymac for them to understand?...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-10-09 by Rocky [send email]

Awful bank

I am one of the foreclosures with Indymac. My home is one that I live in, so I'm not a "house flipper". So, things are bad and I get in touch with Indymac's loss mitigation specialist. Basically, all he has to say is that I either have to come up with a lump sum to refinance or I have to furnish proof of more income! If I had money I wouldn't be losing my house!!! To top it all off, the house is now not even worth $125, 000 (not selling at that price on the MLS over the past 8 months)...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-09-30 by Butters [send email]

Scam and lies

I actually was cleared by Indymac to underwrite loans and sell them to them based on their guidelines. Told them I was the wrong person to accuse of not knowing how anything in the mortgage industry works. Owned a mortgage company for years, Have a special endorsement to underwrite FHA loans, and have worked for the two largest Mortgage Insurance company's there are...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-07-16 by Gstreev [send email]

Here's how you get screwed by Internet banking

access my account with Indymac, I kept getting a timeout error and could not log on to get my money out. I could not get through on the phone. Finally late Thursday someone told me the system was overloaded, nothing to worry about though, keep trying and you should get through. Friday comes still can't get on, can't get anyone on the phone, bank closed by FDIC rest is history...

Indymac (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-07-13 by Reed reininger [send email]

Bad loans

We got into a bad loan with Imdymac and they made us pay to get out of it. My wife and myself found out we had a loan that they should have never done. As soon as we noticed our loan amount going up we called them and we had to pay closing costs and a early pay off fee. So we got soaked fo...

IndyMac/One West Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2010-01-29 by FightOn

Lender Unlawful Activity

If you are an IndyMac/One West victem, do something in addition to writing and reading blogs. We are assembling a base of mortgage victims for class action suits. Please write a brief description of your situation, your propertie(s) address, the status of your loan, and your contact information...

IndyMac Mortgages Services (Complaint)

Posted: 2010-01-26 by Hung Nguyen

unauthorized charges

I have a loan with IndyMac laon # 101091****, I paid property tax on time and just received a statement from IndyMac saying i charged me $981. 15 for property tax and they increased my payment from $1, 138. 92 to $1, 455. 12 . I sent them my cancelled check and the property tax bill that i paid ( 880...

IndyMac Mortgage Services (Complaint)

Posted: 2010-01-02 by M.R

Denied modification

days passed I called Indymac again and they told me that i do meet the requirements but my modification was denied and my case was closed because they were only helping costumers with a delinquent account. What they told me it was that "we can not help you because you are making your payments on time"...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-12-25 by 2kbc

Mortgage deception

became the broker and Indymac Bank became the lender. First Lincoln Mortgae received a fee from Indymac Bank and also a fee from me. There may have been more than one truth in lending statement at the closing. The office that was supposed to be a First Lincoln office was an unlicensed branch office, which is illegal in NY State...

IndyMac/One West Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-12-16 by BMWJames

Unwillingness to help/Loan Mod.

alone in this One West/IndyMac nightmare. I had to change employment 24 months ago only to see my income split in half. My wife was let go from her job of 10+ years in August. We have been trying from 13 months now to get One West/IndyMac to help us as we have seen our income cut by 3/4. I have faxed and mailed well over 150 pages of documentation, I've got detailed records of my 50+ phone calls to One West/IndyMac all to no avail...

IndyMac or OneWest Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-12-12 by Rebecca

Loan Modification joke

around customer of IndyMac/OneWest. They are the most dysfunctional, disorganized evil bank ever. I sent and resent and sent again documents. Each time they claimed to have "no record". I was told by their own employees to STOP making my mortgage payments and would receive a loan modification "way before" any foreclosure...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-09-29 by TasR44

Lied to me for 7 months

I begin working with Indymac back in February 2009 on a modification for my rental property, they had me send in all of these documents month after month, everytime I called in i was told it's under review until finaly 09/23/2009 i was told they don't do workouts of any kind on rental properties and I need to pay $14, 363...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-09-01 by CarD18

Worst mortgage bank ever

get a loan mod from Indymac/One West bank since October 2008, which has been almost a year now! They approved me, they disapproved me, they call me, I call them. nobody knows what the heck is going on! They lose my documents I send them, they mix up my files with other peoples and have the wrong information about me...

Indymac (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-05-27 by Scott Klein

Unable to withdrawl funds

I closed my savings account with IndyMac/One West Bank on May 8th. I followed the instructions provided to me by the account representative I spoke to, including faxing in a signed letter stating I wanted the account closed. I received a phone call saying that that transaction has been processed and I would receive my check in 7-10 business days...

Indymac (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-05-11 by RamD

Predatory lending - Cold shoulder to refinance

IndyMac is a pro at giving cold shoulder to customers after mis-representing Neg-Am loans. IndyMac puts it in writing that they will not entertain any requests or letters from you, if you write too many letters to them!! The reason why USA is in this financial mess is because, financial institutions were not pro-active, and lacked total common-sense...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-04-06 by MJ Gaumer

Endless phone calls

Indymac begins calling the house on the 27th at least 10 times per day. We not longer answer the phone when they call. How in the world do they get away with this stuff? Someone really needs to police them better. Best not to do business with them if you can avoid it...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-04-01 by Van jarson

Breach of contract

At the end of last Year I called Indymac for help. I could no longer afford my payments on my house. They told me to fill out the loan mod packet and send it with a payment of almost $3000. The deadline they gave me was 12/31/2008. I sent the loan mod packet with a payment on 12/27/08 and it was received in their office on 12/28/08...

Indymac (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-12-08 by hamir

victim of failed bank

i have asked indymac to play the recordings as i had insured all my paperwork instead i get a letter from theit law firm asking me to redirect inquiries. the government or fdic is treating the depositors like this money was a moral obligation that we should lose!!! can you believe that indymac is the only bank that failed and depositors have been affected...

Indymac (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-08-24 by Michael Palmer [send email]

Coversion of construction loan to permanent loan

It is my opinion that indymac is forcing people to refinance because they dont want to carry the loan. Since the announcement in July that the FDIC was taking over Indymac because of the financial position of the company, They are trying to scare all ther construction to perm loans away. I was told that they cant sell these loans to anyone they are too risky because most of them our based on stated income and not checked at the close...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-08-10 by jgrove [send email]

Misinformation about uninsured funds

TAKE ACTION on misinformation on your Indymac Funds Among the many, I was told that if I switched my MM for a CD with an ITF account, I'd be insured up to $200, 000 by an Indymac bank teller. So, I sent an additional amount over the insured $100, 000 believing the banker was telling the truth...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-08-08 by Cheryl Steward [send email]

Lost my payment $106,000.

Everyone I have spoke to at Indymac has a different story and I am very upset and frustrated. When I pay off my loan I will never do business with them again. I see why they are having trouble...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-07-31 by Dave [send email]

Lied about FDIC coverage

uninsured funds at Indymac Bank. I had two CD’s with the bank I was assured that my accounts were properly insured by representatives at Indymac. One account was held as an individual insured by the FDIC for 100k and the other account was held as a trust with two beneficiaries (ITF’s) and insured by the FDIC for 200k...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-07-24 by Ceecii [send email]


IndyMac Mortgage purchased my loan from another company. After about a year into my "3 year -fixed" adjustable rate loan, my rate adjusted. 3 months later, it adjusted again. As I put the house on the market, I was told I had to pay $300 just to find out if they would accept a short sale and then it could take weeks to find out...

Indymac Bank (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-07-18 by Anku [send email]

Big liars

I had multiple CDs with Indymac Banks and I was told by the bank representative that my funds were FDIC insured. Now half of my life's earning is gone. Taken by FDIC as uninsured fund. They have even taken out my Child's fund (which was less than 100K limit). I have been waiting for 7 days with no-sleep to talk to one of these FDIC insurance agent...

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3. Written by nrsrchd, on 06-02-2010 22:18

What if these mortgage companies have defrauded you? Would you like to make them pay you rather than you pay them? Well use the mortgage paperwork you have against them. Put your paperwork through a forensic mortgage audit and show the fraud. Now once the audit is done then a letter asking for more information will be created or a letter of rescission asking for all the money paid in back along with all the money that is now owed as fines for the violations. Then the litigation paperwork can be file in to court to show the fraud tot the court. They don't want the court to see the Federal, State and City code violations that the audit will show. They do not want this in court in front of a jury of 12 homeowners who may begin to wonder if they were defrauded as well. Now where do you get one of these? is where you can learn more about taking these bankers to the cleaners like they have done us. Once you have gone to the site an learned just how to make them pay you for breaking the law contact steve@***.com and lets start taking back this country one home at a time.


4. Written by Confused..., on 27-01-2010 03:35

Man, I was just looking up some info on Indymac when I stumbled onto this website. The thing that has shocked me more than anything else is how people on here seem to really think that because they don't make their payments or read the documents they are signing it's the bank's fault.

I mean, honestly. I have yet to see one complaint from anyone on this site that actually pays what they agreed to pay.


5. Written by S. C., Washington State, on 26-01-2010 19:16

Indymac/One west bank are thieves masquerading as respectable financial institutions. We hired an attorney & signed the paper for one of what I think will be many to come civil suits....all this began by them refusing to accept payments over the phone, using our bank card, then when my husband lost his job & we got behind in payments, foreclosure threats began immediately,refusing to restructure our loan though we were never late w/a payment until my husband lost his job, refusing to take two payments when we were 3 payments behind, claiming they had to have the full amount or nothing; plus they hired a local collection co. that harrasses us nearly daily w/foreclosure notices taped to our house or letters sent in the mail....we are thinking of turning to local media to investigate these low-life, unscrupulous-no-better-than-mobsters posing as legitimate businessmen. One West is owned by several people, not just one & Indymac either changed its name or sold out to them, still trying to find out the truth. I'm a journalist & using every contact I have to find the truth about these dirtbags.


6. Written by In ny in limbo, on 25-01-2010 11:43

been working on a modification

since jan of 2009 yes over a yr now pd a company 3700 on a credit card to help very dumb got no where same thing your file is in review after 8 months oh God found a hud counsling agency they have been great worked on it non stop till indy/one west finally sent a trial modification doc to on 1/03 /10 they clealy stated we had to send signed docs and 1st payment over night ups by 1/23/10

got the $ together sent it out on 1/19/10 plenty of time they havent cash the check but i have a signed reciept that someone there took the pkg. wonder what game we are stating to play this time the stress of this is unexplaninable

its constant for over a yr not knowing if your family will have a place to live. the bail out was for them not for us that is plain to see and The Goverment chooses to turn a blind eye once again on the people they go on tv and say how we are being helped I just want to scream but who will here us God bless everyone in this situation our prayers are with you from a family in upstate ny


7. Written by Hard hearted hannah, on 23-01-2010 19:08

Indymac cheated us out of our house. We were promised a fixed rate mortgage and they switched the papers on us and gave us an ARM. They then proceeded to jack up the price of the payments so high we couldn't keep up. We are both on Social Security and once again renting after our home was foreclosed upon. They are out and out crooks!


8. Written by LGWLDCat73, on 22-01-2010 23:59

Sorry for the sentence blending and misspelled words,i need the laptops monitor light to illuminate keyboar.Do they make backlit keyboards?

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant.

situation:Still unresolved


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Alltel/Verizon -- Bad policies and harassment

I was a customer of Alltel's for 15 years. The last 5-6 months I was losing cell phone service every Monday and Tuesday. For the first 4 months they would credit my account. Then, the last month they only wanted to credit me $10. My cell phone is used for business and this was bad. I then moved to a new provider 2 months before my contract was up. They are now sending me from credit bureau to credit bureau because of 4 lines of early termination fees. I am disgusted with Alltel/Verizon!! What horrible, injust treatment!
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do not even answer anything from a collection co. thay don't have the power to collect anything.all thay do is buy the right to harass you.

never give them any info. thay will use it,to harass you moore, because it lets them know thay have your att. you will become an open target.

even if you pay them,it will still be listed as a nonpayment on your credit. thay dont have the power to correct your credit only make it bad.


all the phone co. are trying out new scams every day,only because thay have found out that there is no one to answer to.

the fcc has became a big joke.

thay dont do anything anymore. :sigh


why becasue im speaking the truth


tbob3 is a gutless doosh


pay your bill. you had the choice to cancel when we first took over alltel not are problem you didnt


Looser :grin


:eek PS/Continued I have been moved to about 7 collection agencies over the past year. My credit has been tarnished by this.

And, I must say...even if I had a million dollars, I would not give one cent to Verizon.

Each collection agency, I write my letter of dispute explaining the situation. Alltel/Verizon gave me no choice but to switch providers.

Now, the harassment seems to continue.

So wrong!!

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Verizon Phone Service