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Megabus call center refused to actually listen to what I was saying.

I called customer service because my bus driver had threatened to lock me in the luggage compartment. I explained to the customer service rep that he had said my carry-on was too large, even though their website hadn't said anything besides "it must fit in your lap", which it did. Customer Service Rep: Your luggage must be a standard size suitcase weighing less than 50 lbs. Me: Yes, I know. The issue was with my carry-on bag. CSR: It must be a standard size suitcase... Me: Yes, the driver said my carry-on was too big, but according to your website it is not. CSR: The carry-on must be a standard size bag that will fit under your seat. Me: That isn't what your website says, it says the bag must fit in your lap. (CSR directs me to the luggage requirements page, which I', already on.) Me: Yes, I'm looking at that page right now, it says the bag must fit in my lap. CSR: Your luggage must weigh less than 50 lbs and... Me: Ma'am, I know. The issue was my CARRY_ON... CSR(interrupting): It must be a standard size suitcase... Me (getting annoyed): Look, I just called to tell you about the bus driver harassing me. Also, apparently your website needs to be updated with your new carry-on requirements. I just don't understand why I was supposed to know information that isn't on your website. CSR: Your carry-on must fit under your seat. Me: Yes, I know that now, but your website doesn't say anything about that. CSR: Your luggage must weigh 50 lbs or less. Me: Yes. Will you report my complaint about the driver? CSR: Yes, but for future reference your carry-on must fit under your seat. Me (giving up): Yes, I understand. Thank you. *hangs up* (Their website still says your carry-on must fit in your lap, and nothing about it fitting under your seat.)
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I happen to think there serivce is outstanding maddam


Megabus is a Megajoke. Don't waste your money. Spend your hard earned bucks on a reputable mode of transportation like Amtrak or Greyhound.


It sounds like a non-native English speaker who was trained to respond to certain questions by using a script. They are not able to hold an actual conversation unless it fits within their script. This happens all the time when a company outsources their customer service department to countries such as Malaysia, India, the Phillipines, etc.

@Al S

Mega joke is an under statement! I will never do business with this company again.

Not only was the pick up location extremely difficult to find because they failed to provide a physical address, the call center agents located in Georgia were rude, and really lacked customer service skills. I asked to speak with a supervisor several times and finally hung up after being denied. The incompetent rep, whom I was on the phone with for over 40 minutes finally stated, I could go into the center and get a replacement ticket because I missed my bus. Then she stated that location does not have an actual office.....

Okay???? So to sum it up.

I did not speak with a supervisor, my ticket was not exchanged, and refund was denied! I am currently disputing this with the BBB.

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