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North York Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat - Weird coincidence

Update by user May 13, 2018

*** I am stating that this is not an allegation/accusation against the garage. This is an accurate description of the facts as they occurred. Nothing more, nothing less.***

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I would like to put my story with North-York Chrysler & Dodge dealership out there, and let the readers draw any conclusion they see fit out of it. While we were purchasing our Dodge at North-York Chrysler dealership (at 7200 Yonge St, Toronto), we were convinced to purchase also a “Titan protection plan” that included tires and windshield fix/replacement. The guy at the dealership told us: “If you wake up one morning and find out all of your 4 tires are flat – and these are $250 tires each – you can come to us for replacement and the whole amount will be covered. Recently, we had a flat tire and we went over to the dealership and got the tire replaced (payment was covered by ‘Titan’ warranty). Two mornings after, we woke up to find that the other 3 tires that weren’t replaced are flat. We pumped them up and drove back to the garage, the tires were checked and after 30 minutes we were discharged (without recording our visit in the system) with the assertion that “Your tires are perfectly fine”. Sure enough, the following day those 3 tires were flat again. We went back to the dealership, demanding to find out what was wrong with the tires. We were shocked to find out that our visit from yesterday did not appear in the garage records. Then the truth was revealed: our 3 tires were sabotaged by being stabbed with a thin needle on the sidewall of the tires, so they would be irreparable and unable to be claimed on the protection plan, since it is not caused by “road hazard”. We took the car out of there and ended up replacing the tires somewhere else, and paying out of our pocket. So, to summarize of the facts: immediately after a visit at North-York Chrysler & Dodge dealership for a tire replacement, our other three tires were stabbed beyond repair and had to be replaced, while some sort of seemingly concealment tactics taking place. I will let the readers decided whether or not the way my story unfolded is a coincidence or not.
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Vaughan, Ontario
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Terrible customer service for Miele in Toronto, Canada

We Would like to share with you the horrendous service experience we have been through with Miele in Toronto, Canada. It has been the most dishonest and disrespectful service we have ever had! We purchased our Miele appliances based on the false image of Miele as an excellent and trusted brand and we are extremely disappointed. We purchased a washing machine and a dryer at Caplan’s on 25/11/2017 in a painful process due to the computing system that did not work at the time, that caused multi hours stay at the store to complete the transaction. Along with the appliances, we bought a stackable kit for an extra of 140$CAD. The timing of the delivery was CRUCIAL to us since we are in the middle of a renovation in our new house and installing the appliances is part of the entire renovation process, and other links in the process are based upon. The delivery arrived on 8/12/2017 without the stackable kit which caused a terrible stop down in our renovation, and the contractors were discharged fully paid for the day without being able to proceed. After a few disastrous phone calls to the customer service in which we received nothing but apathy to situation that Miele got us into and flat out lies (for example, a promise that the kit was delivered and only after asking for tracking number the lie was revealed), we got a date for the delivery of the missing part. The contractor was invited again for the installation and sure enough, the part did not arrive AGAIN. The contractor was released again fully paid, while our renovation has been still stuck. As of now, it has been over a week that our renovation in our new house cannot be completed because of Miele terrible customer service. Buying Miele was a big mistake for us that took a huge toll in wasted time and money. We are about to purchase more appliances once our new kitchen is done, but those appliances will not be Miele. We are also going to be as loud as we possibly can in telling our story so other people could make an inform decision before buying Miele and suffering the consequences of that mistake as we have.
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You are so lucky it’s only been a few weeks. I can give you a Miele Boat Anchor for your kitchen?

It is a very nice looking 36” HG1134G Gas Range .... it’s only for show! IT DOESN’T WORK.

So there it sits in our garage beside the boat stuff. They won’t pick it up and they won’t return our $11,000 they promised us 2 months ago.

Total of 4 months dicking with feeble attempts at repair and 2 months waiting for ‘our’ money to be returned.... so Miele, 6 months and counting..... what a pile of crap. Non existent customer service....

I’d say your lucky at only a couple of weeks but sadly your Miele journey has only just of luck. You will definitely need it with the load of crap you bought.

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