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Dental White - Smilewhite

i saw the mom figures out teeth whiting for 2 dollars on yahoo.homepage. i thought being on yahoo i could trust it. i got a sample from crest and nothing from smilewhite. before i ever got a thing i looked it up on the web, and saw it was a rip off. before i got any charges past the .99 i called my bank wells fargo. and disputed the charge i told them of the mistake id made and told them id found many postings of it being a rip off. they told me its ok just wait till they post on your account and we will return your money and dispute it. i did so. dec 1st-3rd it was posted i disputed it canceled them from being able to withdraw again. crest returned my money and all was fine smilewhite withdrew again 92.00 a 2nd time using a different company name to do so. now i contacted wells fargo again and disputed it again. i also had to cancel my card at christmas time to avoid more charges. they claim i didnt cancel in time even though i tryed to online and couldnt because it asked me for a password that i didnt have and i try also to call but all voicemails was full everytime. they also claim they mailed it to me but i swear i got nothing but they have tracking saying it went to my post ofice yet noone signed for it. now it looks like wells fargo is going to force me to pay the 92.00 even though any blind person can see the clear rip off going on here. and even though wells fargo promised to protect me from online fruad! as a whole rip off ! plz inculde me in the class action suit.
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I too had similar issues. I got taken also by another direct marketing whitening toothpaste company because I ordered both "free" trial samples which were so tiny and had very little product inside.Tasted and smelled bad and didn't whiten teeth as advertised.

Could NOT get through to company either on phone or online. Reps were rude on both companies. Taught to belittle customers and obfuscate the truth. Lied about issuing credit immediately.

Had to keep trying for many months just to get through. Rep was nasty-said I waited too long. How else are you going to get through to a company whose line is always busy, voice mail full, have you wait for 3 hours or more ON HOLD if you are lucky to get through, hung up on when you ask for credit back (they blamed it on the phone system). I know from experience they cut off calls when they don't want to handle the customer who just gets madder and madder.

I really think tag everyone who had these problems with this or any other company who does the same stuff mentioned above and in other reviews should be reported to the BBB and to other federal agencies. I would join in a class action lawsuit for this company and the other one because you charged me a lot of money I never got credited for.

Be careful when you post.

If you don't click "hide" your location will be posted. They can find you and sue you for defamation.


Do you still need to get a hold of Denta White?If you would like to talk to someone about it their number is 866-982-**** and their hours are 6:00 am to 4:00 pm pst, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm est. If you are having a problem with the product or your order you should call customer service first to see if you can get the issue resolved.If you don’t want to call in you can go to their website,, and input your information and click submit.

From here you can cancel your account or check the status of your cancellation.

You can cancel at any time. If you want to return a product, call customer service for information.


They don't answer the lines. Always busy, put on hold for long time.

Website worse. No response to requests repeated made to response to a live rep.


I was ripped off by the company as well. My .99 cent trial and 1.99 trial from DentaWhite turned into 92.37, 92.37, 79.97, and 79.95.

I contacted the company to cancel the shipment and they said they would cancel it. Two days later I received my cc stmt in the mail with these charges....I WAS SHOCKED !!! I could not believe it. I contacted one compnay and the phone rang for over 3 hours total for the 20 calls I made with no one ever answering.

The rep at Smilewhite said...sorry this is non refundable, non had a trial of 10 days...there is NOTHING to that affect in the paperwork I printed. I told her I had not used the product and I would like to send it back she said no, you paid for it we will not accept it back...I then told her I was contacting my CC company...this company and DentaWhite are tied in with each other to RIP consumers off !!!!

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