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Greyhound - A $250 "inconvenience"

I purchased two one way, 21 day advance purchase e-tickets on Greyhound Buslines from Minneapolis to Nashville, TN back on December 30, 2009 for travel on January 24, 2010 (and also my return trip back to Minneapolis) since my daughter will be there for 6 months). I won't know what specific day we are traveling until about 2 weeks ahead of time, and I saw that the fares are much lower if you buy at least 21 days ahead of time as opposed to a walk-up fare, 7 day advance or 14 day advance purchase. I studiously read the fine print on the Greyhound website before purchasing, which stated that you can take a later bus than the time listed on the ticket as long as you pay a $15 exchange fee per ticket. Just in case, I placed an email (the day before I purchased the tickets) to their customer support team. She (Linda H.) told me that was the case, that I could take a later bus with a $15 per ticket charge. But….now when I emailed them them this week (the very same lady who told me I could leave after the departure date on the tickets with only a $15 per ticket penalty) now tells me that the tickets MUST be used by January 24, because they are e-tickets (they are saying these cannot be changed) but will call tickets can. I tried to get them to change the tickets to will call, but they refuse to do so. I was told in an email "we apologize for the inconvenience". An inconvenience? $250 worth of tickets that I can't use based on a technicality, when a representative from Greyhound specifically told me in an email that this was fine to do? After going back and forth with many emails, going nowhere, they are now telling me to call customer service. Any ideas on how this can be resolved satisfactorily and how I should persuade customer service that this is just wrong???
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I, ahem..someone I know...:) is a driver for greyhound. MOST of the time, the driver will go ahead and honor wrong-date tickets, so long as you have a pretty good reason.

Sounds to me like a pretty good reason, I...I mean my friend, would honor these tickets and let you ride.

The only SAD PART is that the e-tickets can be "faked" so easily that if the date is wrong Greyhound doesn't want to honor the wrong-date e-tickets PERIOD! But, SOON, hopefully they'll be getting handheld scanners to verify the validity of these tickets.

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