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Comprehensive Medical Center, Sacramento

Dealing with a ***? Susan K. Ramsden who owns Comprehensive Medical Center in Sacramento California is just that. She runs a medical facility that fraudulently helps people claim they are disabled and helps coach them on how to pass medical reviews. Denying employees unemployment by lying to the EDD so she doesn’t have to payout, what’s wrong with this women? She’s been accused of altering test results to cause conflict and retain her clients for more testing to generate revenue for her company. Collaborating with mediators, lawyers, case workers to keep the money in their friend network? I think so. Her husband Timothy is no better. To add insult to injury, she’s trying to become a lawyer too. All we need in the justice system is another worthless egotistical manipulating attorney who is unethical. Rumor is, Sue used to heavily use drugs in the past and is trying to pass herself as an angel with no faults. Let’s not forget she still smokes Chronic with good ol Timmy. Little secrets are coming out of her closet as time goes on. Reportedly Sue is having affairs with employees or former employees. What a piece of work.
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I worked there, this post was by a man who was repeatedly postive for Cocaine and CPS removed his minor kids for that reason. If you are angry you should look at yourself before you make up stories about others.

This kind of stuff happened all the time, we tested someone, they came up positive and they blamed us. Not worth my time or trouble.


Do you have any specific details about incidents involving the mishandling of test results, altering test results, or improper collaboration with 3rd parties such as mediators/lawyers? If not any proof/evidence, just some more information would be great..

I'm dealing with a weird situation where out of the blue a staff person started claiming I was intentionally attempting to dilute my test samples by drinking lots of fluids even though my creatinine levels weren't any lower than previous tests she'd said were not diluted for the purposes of testing (actually, she changed her criteria after the mediator and my ex's lawyer complained that one of my tests had a pretty low level of creatine, just one, a fluke, since I take two/month and have all year).

So I started taking saliva tests instead to avoid getting told my tests weren't any good even though the levels in the samples weren't even 10% below the normal range, not even close to diluted enough to obscure any drug metabolites which might've been present, not that they were.

However, this staff person still thinks that I can't be trusted, and she told the mediator that she believed I was intentionally diluting my samples by drinking too much fluids prior to testing in order to cover up drug use - this 3.5 months after I switched to saliva tests after I got sick of having clean tests get tossed because the creatinine levels in the samples of two tests were just below 100, but still normal for the population at large and not diluted enough to change the test results re: drug use evidence.

The worst part, besides her discussing how terrible she thinks I am and how dishonest with the mediator (a statement he included in his report to the judge, by the way), she forwarded a test result to the mediator which I took on my own, not a random, since they hadn't been scheduled to start random tests for me again yet, and it wasn't associated with the court case, and I didn't authorize the results' release to anybody.

Well, the results came back positive for drug use, even though I KNOW I didn't use drugs - not that arguing that would do me any good, even if I hadn't been badmouthed by the staff person who's been chatting with the mediator - and if I had used drugs, why would I have voluntarily come in to take a drug test??

So she violated privacy policies of the company and relevant medical information confidentiality laws by providing that test result to the mediator, which would've been bad even if it wasn't dirty since it wasn't authorized by me that she do so. But once I realized she was the same person who's name was on the test I knew couldn't be correct since I hadn't been doing drugs, the same person who started claiming my earlier tests were all of a sudden too diluted even though comparable levels in earlier tests weren't considered diluted, AND she was the person who spoke to the mediator at length about the suspiscions she has about my tests' validity, even though there's no evidence to reasonably support such a negative opinion.

So I got curious and checked out the weird test result -- Not only was the case number not on it, it was listed as a "self-test", and it came back dirty, but it didn't include my last name, the first test in 20 that hasn't included both my first and last name on it, and it was dirty even though I know it couldn't have been and it got sent to the mediator by a staff person who expressed negative opinions about me to the mediator in the weeks prior.

I can't believe that she violated the privacy policies and confidentiality requirements asssociated with medical information so blatantly, and I'm appalled at her unprofessional behavior regarding her conversation with the mediator in which she made unsubstantiated and highly damaging comments about me. However, seeing other folks who have heard that Comp Medical staff collaborates with 3rd parties and alters tests results, among other nefarious activities, makes me wonder how often they get away with this and how it can be stopped or at least challenged.

I hope to heard from any of you who have heard about these practices (and aren't just one of the many, understandably!, annoyed customers forced to endure drug tests which are expensive, inconvenient, and humiliating, but folks with specific allegations of wrongdoing that can be substantiated by something specific besides a test result that didn't turn out in your favor :) :)



@Jolly K

I recently have had an experience with this facility that for sure was not policy and if you would like to hear more I have some good info and emails from staff at this place that proves how faulty they are. My email is kruegcourtney@***.com


It might be helpful to others viewing this site if you would disclose all the facts surrounding your visit to this facility. If you need copies of the papers you signed, your follow up emails or your results just let us know.

We are glad to provide them to you.


Actually if you could please tell me who is responsible for any complaints with this facility it would be a great help. And Susan Ramsden is not a option.

I need someone who over sees the hole company. Thank you


For those of you who need to see facts involving the faulty employers then let me just share one incident that has gotten my children taken away from me in march 2014 and im still fighting for them back because the judge was told by the staff that my test was diluted. In a conversation with linda from comprehensive I had asked her "if my test where considered diluted then why did it not say that specifically on my test results itself".

She then said to me

Linda Heath CMI

Apr 24

to me

the lab would have to put that on there.. and they only put it on the report when the creatinine is below 20.0 mg/dl and SG is below 1.003 ME: The funny thing is the lab never put diluted on my test and I contacted the lab myself and asked if it would say diluted on the test if it was considered diluted and they said yes.


Send all complaints to Carmen at CompMedical.staff@***.com.


Who is Carmen because I know susan is the owner so I was looking for more of somebody outside of the facility.

@Jolly K

Hi I also had a bizarre incident at this clninc...please contact me so we can discuss really doing something about this clinc rather than just a review. My email is jbw.lh2@***.com and once you email me I will respond with my phone number so we can talk


No Kidding. These people went out of their way to track down my ex when I missed a scheduled test.

They sent her information they didn't even send me.

Then they "offered" to send her info by email. You're right, they'll do anything to create conflict that benefits them.

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