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MyWigsAndWeaves - My Wigs and Weaves . com and Ann Williams Won't Release My Products That Are Paid For In Full!

Update by user Dec 23, 2017

All that I can say is after receiving the run-around for months from Ann Williams, the owner of My Wigs and Weaves, is that finally “A” wig unit was shipped to me, but NOT the wig that I custom ordered. Instead, I was shipped an inferior and cheaper wig unit that I have major concerns with.

Apparently, $485.00 was paid for a “Bait & Switch” by My Wigs and Weaves! The unit that was shipped to me was NOT the unit that I custom ordered: The unit was the wrong texture. I ordered 150% Density and received 100% to 130% Density at best. The unit did NOT have the 30% low lights that I ordered.

And the unit that took over three months to arrive was still bleeding from color. The unit has horrible shedding. Cap is too large. Whilst I awaited this unit, I read numerous complaints posted by various customers of My Wigs and Weaves (.com) and all I have to say is, “Everyone can’t be wrong” about Ann Williams and the service (or lack thereof) being provided at this company.

Customer Service is non-existent and the truth is extinct. Ann Williams is all about self-preservation and couldn’t care less about her customers. She does not realize that the onus is on her to be an upright business person and initiate phone calls, return phone calls and respond to correspondence, it is not on the customer to bend to vendor’s wills and will nots. I would love to have a verbal or written apology from her but you can’t expect the type of fairness and responsibility from a person with bad character.

You don’t have to like your customers but you’re paid to do right by them. I could barely distinguish one complaint from another or even from my own complaints, because they all bled together seamlessly with echoing commonalities. Her behavior was repetitive with all of us but (of course) she denies it all. Everyday for weeks (plural), I had to devote time out of my day to checking a tracking number, that said the same thing day in and day out…the shipper is awaiting the package for delivery that apparently was never going to come.

Many of her customers suffer from Cancer, Alopecia and other genetic diseases which means that a wig unit is not a fashion choice…it's a necessity! The wearer needs it, as not to be ridiculed while in public, at school or at work. We are only credit card charges to her, humanity not included. Due to Ann Williams’ notorious brand of business, I have missed speaking engagements, photo ops, appointments and other important business dealings that I can never recapture; and in all of this, she has refused to respond to phone calls, emails, texts or online queries.

She simply just “DOESN’T CARE” about her consumers. These complaints are germane to the public that she preys on, so they can make educated decisions on where they spend their hard earned monies, in relation to wig units. Ann Williams earned every one of these complaints and the many more that are yet to come. Unfortunately, I CAN NOT RETURN my unit for her to correct or replace, because she isn’t trustworthy enough to send a new unit back this millennia or at all, so I’m stuck with what I have, but I will never, ever darken her website again!

I’m shocked and dismayed that you currently have a rating of A- with the BBB seeing that, the complaints lodged against you are so egregious and verifiable. I even made a video tape of the product that I received before, during and after opening the package, just so that I could avoid her cookie cutter response of stating that “That’s not the wig that we sent her”. I can assure you and everyone else that it is. Remind you that My Wigs and Weaves stated to me that they started on my unit August 4, 2017 and I just received my unit on December 20, 2017.

I honestly expected to receive the wrong unit given what her character has been. Before you buy wigs from anyone, please check the BBB and other complaint site and please take heed. Be sure to Google these businesses and find out who the owner is before you do business too, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ann Williams opens another wig business under a different name to trap you all over again.

STAY ALERT. This concludes my saga with Ann Williams and My Wigs and Weaves and never again.

Update by user Dec 20, 2017

I'm sorry for the error....I meant to say "Pissed Consumer".

Update by user Dec 20, 2017

I received an email from PissedCustomer to ask if my issue had been resolved and my update is that I checked my shipping information yesterday and it finally has movement and says that the package is in route. I have not received the unit yet and even if it does show, the next challange is to see if it's the actual product that I ordered.

I will video tape the opening and viewing of the unit so that if it's not what is expected.....that I can have verifiable proof of that to report.To date, the vendor has still refused to speak or correspond directly with me. I have not spoken verbally to the vendor since late October 2017, because she refused all points of contact with me.

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2017
I don’t even know where to start. Ann Williams AKA C. Ann Owens-Williams, Owner of My Wigs and Weaves ( is the absolute worst business person I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. Believe it or not, we started on a great note, and it went down hill. Very soon after she began to be spiteful and petty, unbeknownst to me, this would become her trademark of doing business. She was paid by an organization to make a custom wig for me. The process was to take (in total) 3-months but with her and her company, we are in the 5-months stretch. It is 5-months of chasing her around via phone, text, email and online chat (which is never manned) via her site. She spent 35-40 days of the initial process telling me that the wig was being worked on and in all actuality it wasn’t. When I confronted her with this fact, she actually “Donald Trumped” me and said that “We don’t need to go back to the beginning and talk about that….let’s deal with what going on right now today.” 2-months into the process, I’m asking her about a tracking number for delivery (because she misled me on when she started on the unit) and she states that they just starting woking on the wig 2-weeks prior (smh). Every time I spoke with her to inquire on the progress, she stated that the wig was being made, and sadly, it wasn’t. She is the “Master of the Dodge”. To be honest, it is apparent that she is running the business singularly and has to spend her time between several other businesses; so her availability for returning calls and emails are just ***-nilly or not. She gives false and inaccurate completion times for her projects to be done, all the while you are waiting on tracking numbers, so that you can get your unit, be done with her and move on with your life. She does not care if she is holding you up from doing important business or costing you a job interview or just trying to obtain something that you (or someone on your behalf) paid for. The despicable part is that instead of her initiating calls or emails to “YOU” (The Customer), and share with you, that she is running grotesquely behind with your unit. You have to chase and darn near hound her to get the bad news, that there will be yet another week’s long delay (mind you, this conversation happens every week if you’re lucky enough to get a response). It was so bad that I emailed her and told her to send me my unit as is, (I had been waiting for the unit to be colored for several weeks). She doesn’t have proper staffing to do this job, so people get sick or have babies or just plain don’t want to work… are the recipient of that loss. I implored her to send me my unit because I need it and she flat out refused to send it to me, citing (her newly found business ethic), that she doesn’t send out incomplete units, however 2-weeks prior- thats exactly what she offered to do, to send me the unit as is- sans the color. Did I mention that she is promptly going on vacation in the midst of dealing with an overdue product fiasco that she remains to have possession of. She is literally holding my “Paid in Full” unit for HOSTAGE!!! If I upload all the emails between us (which I will if needed) and her useless responses… would be floored. Much to my chagrin, I failed to heed to the other complaints that previous customers posted via The Rip-Off Report and other outlets, their pleas were to NOT use her service. She is an emotional business person that will get the job done if she is not pissed with you for insisting that she does her job. Ever the actress, Ann Williams always ends her correspondences with well placed pleasantries. Like someone is simple enough to have forgotten the horrendous business ethics that she displays. It really took everything out of me to make this report because I’m an advocate for Women Owned Businesses, however, you have to earn the right to be considered that. Upon doing my research on the company, I stumbled on a goldmine of eerily similar complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and even a few here on The Rip-Off Report. Complaints that ranged from bad customer service, not answering phone calls and emails for 3 to 5 days while customers are feverishly trying to reach them, incorrect products shipped, unsanitary products shipped, no products shipped, units finally delivered weeks and months late and refusing to refund customers money for their bad services. Many of the complaints, the company will deflect their incompetence onto the paying customer who is just waiting on a heavily expensive product(s). MWaW has even learned how to respond to the BBB so that they can get their case closed out as favorable for them and to keep a good rating, even to the point of lying on the customer. Fortunately, the customers have a detailed logs and accounts of what has transpired and are able to verify their cases. I don’t expect you to take my word for it, check the BBB for yourself and some of the other more obscure complaint blogs.Don’t pay attention to the “A-“ rating that they gave MWaW, READ THE COMPLAINTS AND THE RESPONSES. I’m sure some customers are lucky and receive their items on time and as ordered. MWaW mails out free units for bloggers to review. This keeps their brand circulating in the positive, but for the real general customers out there, we are being screwed and mistreated. Seriously……this company is “One-Step” above the overseas companies the pander to us with beautiful photos and cheap prices and then takes our money, sends our products months and months later than scheduled, then to finish it off, the units don’t look like the photos and they never answer the phone or respond to emails again. Here are a few of the other complaints on the BBB website for Ann and MY Wigs and Weaves AKA MNM Ecommerce Group, LLC: BBB Complaint: No#.1 01/20/2016 Delivery Issues I have battled with contacting this company for almost three weeks with very little luck. I placed an order 12/23/2015 and never received it. I placed an order on 12/23/2015 for the Adoree Indian Remy Full Lace Wig for a total of $390.99 dollars, order XXXXX. After inquiring about the shipping time, I received an email from an *** ******** on 1/04/2016, stating that my order would be shipped 01/08/2016. The day comes and goes and I don't hear anything back from them. Customer service is the worst I have EVER dealt with. No one ever answers the phone; you're forced to leave a message on a voicemail that I'm sure no one checks. I sent an email on 01/09/2016 and never heard anything back. Live chat is honestly the worst sometimes someone answers, sometimes they don't. Like past complaints, I believe my information is recognizable and they choose not to speak with me. This is a horrible company that either needs to go out of business or completely restructure their business plan to accommodate the amount of orders they receive. Offering mediocre methods of customer service isn't going to cut it. I wanted to choose an American wig vendor, having had problems with ones overseas, but this company has me convinced that it's hard to find a good vendor no matter the location. I have opened a dispute with PayPal which was escalated on 1/11/2016. If you purchase from this company, please DO NOT buy directly. Have the security in case your order becomes difficult as mine has. BBB Complaint No#.2 01/20/2016 Problems with Product / Service No receipt of items Bought items and seller never shipped items. Does not reply to messages and phone calls are not answered. I would like my money back. BBB Complaint No#. 3 06/17/2016 Delivery Issues I keep getting the run around about when my order will be shipped. I placed an order for two wigs on Tuesday Many 17th. My order number is XXXXX...I have contacted this company numerous times to cancel order or refund me my money since my order did not get shipped after the 48 hour time frame. I have been told by someone by the name of *** ******** that my order with ship on 5/24 and when I did not get any shipping information the next day I emailed the company again to check the status and a customer service rep name Mahogany Leveston emailed me back stating that I will be able to track the order at 10 pm on 5/25. I did not receive ant tracking info as stated so once again I emailed the rep expressing my concerns and seeing if I can get my money refunded as I am no longer interested in doing business since it seems as if I am getting the run around. She replied back promising that it will be ship today as they are currently behind. I do not believe this company will send me my order and I feel like I have lost my hard earned money. I am no longer interested in receiving the wigs. I have contacted my bank and file a claim to reverse the charges and the bank is currently awaiting a response from this company. PLEASE REFUND ME MY MONEY ASAP!!! BBB Complaint N0#. 4 04/22/2016Advertising / Sales Issues I placed an order with the merchant on 2/13/16 the order was supposed to be received 30 days later, it has now been 7 weeks and I have yet to receive my order. This is my first issue but not my main concern, let me just start this dialog off by saying the manner in which I was treated by the employee of this vendor was deplorable. I received a return call today in answer to a voice mail I had sent two days prior, the lady on the other end was very curt at first while asking for my order number that I did not have at the time. After going back and forth with me (again very rudely) she finally looked me up by name and told me my order was locked and to wait for a response to my e-mail that I had sent 5 days prior. I asked her if she was the owner of the company and she said yes. Because of the minimal assistance the lady was willing to provide along with her rude disposition I decided to call back and cancel my order completely, the same women answered the phone and when I made my request she said " Ma'am I suggest you go online and review our return policy" When I asked her as the owner of the company why she was speaking to me that way she then says " Ma'am not today!... Not today! I then asked her for her name, she replied that I didn't need to know that. She continued to speak over me and finally hung up on me. When I try calling back my phone number has been conveniently blocked, I then have to call from my work phone which goes right through. When I state why I am calling the lady says "Ma'am why are you still calling me!" when she said that I was floored! The main number is X-XXX-XXX-XXXX this seems to be the woman's direct line, I might also mention that the company has a voicemail box set up and it is her voice as well. If this is the way you want to represent your product by allowing this women to treat your customers this way, you wont be around for another 20 years for sure. I ADVISE ALL READING TO NEVER BUY FROM THIS VENDOR. Spend your money somewhere you will be valued & respected. There are many companies and services that offer wig units to women that want them and women that need them, if I were you, I would go in a more honest and professional direction. Ann has a pseudo southern charm that she employs to pull you in, but once you’re there…….all I can say is, don’t drink her Sweet Tea! I will rate below: Official Score: *** Customer Service: Horrible Consistency: Flaky Keeps To Business Hours: If she likes you, you can call whenever and she will answer but if she doesn’t, she will never answer. Meets time schedule for product completion: NEVER Product: This is my 1st custom made unit from them….I don’t know because she won’t send it. Cost: Comparable Staff/Vendor/Wig Maker/Colorist: Undependable Professionalism: She talks a good game but 95% of the time I spoke with her….it was ambiguous information that I could not use, and her baby cried throughout our entire conversation. In-Store: No discernible location to visit other than a UPS store where they ship from and receive their mail. Concerns: Beware of businesses where you can identify an owner or a principal, especially those that don’t have their real entire name listed. Corporate documents list the owner or principal as C. Ann Williams/ C. Ann Owens-Williams. Ann is her middle name, her first name can not be found. You can sue an initial and summons sent to an UPS Store and be denied or ignored by box holder. I’m sorry for the length…..I tried to keep this short but Ann Williams and My Wigs and Weaves provides too much material to have done so.
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I would like to do one more update: The hair that she advertises for her units is "Natural Texture Indian" hair. What you receive whenever your order arrives is cheap, over-processed hair from some unknown origin donors.

Just look at the wig quality on her site and then look at the wig you receive. No to

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