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Bannister Honda Ripp Off

Bannister Honda Ripp Off
Sold me an engine I didn't need! Beware. Slime. Went in because my car wouldn't start. I figured it was the catalytic converter. They said no. Needs new engine. My engine never burned oil, never smoked, had good power. But no. Must replace motor. They claim that the K & N filter had *** in it that allowed dust to enter the motor. They never showed me the parts, or the hole. They sourced a used motor that had 75,000 km more that mine. I said ok.. have no choice. They swapped motors. took 5 days. When I came to pick it up, the guys were still test driving it and it wouldn't run more that 50 km per hour. I talked to the mechanic. I said.. so whats the trouble? He looks at his shoes and says "catalytic converter." 850. extra for that. So, I freaked out. (And since all my heart trouble, I don't want a fight any more, but I had to fight.) I told the service manager I wanted my engine put back in. He claims my engine had very low compression. So I had no choice - But the manager admitted (sort of) the diagnosis was poorly done. But he never offered to show me any proof of my low compression. Typically the service manager is the slickest man at any dealership. He won me over. He is charming and slick like a snake. I paid $2,200. They paid for the cat converter and install. ( no proof - was it new? Used? Don't know.) That was his compromise. Up until this adventure, the dealership treated me like gold. I had given them a great review. (which I am going to delete.) Then they got a woman in service named ***Tammy***. Mean, pushy, aggressive, and always angry and in a rush, and .. well, just plain mean. She is "known" up Salmon Arm way, by people in the car biz. I guess they figure shes a money maker. Not. Before, they would always look at my car and diagnose quickly and free. Then the repair was quick and honest. Now they demand $ 129.00 just to raise the hood. And yet when they 'diagnosed' my car, for $ 129., they missed the problem all together. The catalytic converter was plugged up. That was a few months ago. I wasn't happy but I got over it. Three weeks ago, we finally got some warm weather. I turned on the A/C which was working fine before they pulled the engine. Now, not working at all. I called and got Tammy. She said it would cost $ 129. to diagnose the trouble. (I guess she forgot that her diagnosis service is no good. I said "HEY, you just pulled the engine. Perhaps one of your boys forgot to plug something in .. it was working A-1. Unless they drained out the freeon gas, (which is not necessary to do on an engine swap) it must be something minor. Nope. It's a federal case now. Tammy says I must pay $129. Then they would probably diagnose that I need a new transmission! Well, I have no money left. I am still paying back all my friends for the $2,200. to replace the motor, which ran great before. I had a bad heart surgery a while back and have not yet been able to work. So money is a big issue for me. So, anyways, now I have no air. I spoke to the service boss, and he s h o u l d have said "Bring it in right away, we will look at it for free, given that it was just here and we may have forgotten to plug it in. No. He said he would 'try ' to do something for me. That sounds a lot like "Bend Over" to me. Screw me one time, shame on you. Twice? Shame on Me! Sorry big smooth talking man, I no longer trust you, not even to check the air in my tires. You have a lovely personality, and I like you. But no more. I have no A/C. I am suffering. I had to go to Calgary this week, it was 200F in the car. I could have SUFFERED A STROKE. Anyways I will never go back to Honda in Vernon. I recommend that everyone stay away, until they dump Tammy and the slick man in the service office. They are liars, cheats, and frauds. The boss George is very kind and sweet, then he screws you hard. Tammy at least, looks and acts like an alligator, and then she bites. I would fire them both today, and replace them with the previous people. They were AWESOME!!!! Of course if you are like me, when I had a job and had lots of money, I just smiled and paid without asking too many questions. After all, no one wants to have nasty conflict. We just pretend everything is good. Knowing I was lied to though, - - well, even when I have money again, I'll never go back, and I will no longer recommend them. CROOKS - JUST LIKE THE REST. I'm going back to looking for a back yard mechanic again that I can trust. Stay Away. Number ONE dealership award?? Not any more. It's a joke. PS: I am gonna copy and paste this review onto 50 auto review web sites. It WILL cost this dealer a lot more than they stole from me. Yes, I am pissed. Fortunately I am retired for now and have nothing but time, to tell everyone to watch out. PS: My car was in their shop two weeks before all this trouble began, for a re-call. Funny. They seemed to think my car and my engine was fine then. You'd think they would have noticed how bad my motor was. (But they said nothing).
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I apologize, but your complaint is far too long to read in its entirety.

Don't hide behind your heart problems.

I've had CHF since I was 46, 15 years ago.

14% ejection fraction at one point.

But I'm meaner than a badger when I get screwed.

A little extra circulation is good for the old ticker. You should have gotten a second opinion about your car when this thing started to head south.

The only time I've ever heard of a catalytic converter causing catastrophic failure was when the platinum balls inside melted and slagged together due to yet another malfunction somewhere in the system. That car was over 30 years old at the time. Please compose a more factual, less emotional tale of woe if you intend to publish your complaint elsewhere. Car guys will eat you alive the way it reads now.

P.S. I have yet to meet a "Tammy" who wasn't 1 step away from the trailer park.


Hahahaha - you've got great insight. You must be the owner of this site.

Good points. Encouraging, and yes I am getting stronger. I backed down, that is true. You are right in many ways.

I just didn't wanna fight these *** at the time, last June. I still am not going to fight them now. I had to tow the vehicle one hour to their dealership, and once the car was in there, I didn't have any other resources, and as far as getting a second opinion, when they had my car in their shop, an hour from my house, yeah, not too easy to start towing it to other places for a second opinion. Cause when your car is broken and you have no cash, you kinda have to trust the dealer.

.. and like I said they were good to me till that time. But now, since they made a corporate decision to rip me off, I 'will' tell the world that they are thieves. I trusted them at the time that I went in, because they had treated me very well for small issues and a recall.

Then the fu*7ed me. Perhaps when my strength is back and I am feeling more plucky, I'll do more than just complain and whine, but for now thats all I wanna do. I'm not feeling like dealing with it in a mature business like fashion. I just wanna whine and cry.

Perhaps my long winded pity party will appeal to ONE other whiner, and they won't ever go to Bannister Honda again. I really though I had found an honest dealer - first time in my 60 years! But I was wrong. Tammy had her way with me, and I didn't even get a reach around from the slag!

Thanks for the good comments.

You are good at this! Ahahahhah - Bless you.


... and please understand that I think they really did screw you over and I would seriously doubt the technical veracity of their diagnostic dept.

And you have every right to "whine and cry" periodically.

We all do it. It's one of nature's mechanisms for relieving stress !

Good luck to you from now on !

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