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NWBC Services - NWBC President is a CROOK

I COMPLETELY agree with the Business owner who said that NWBC will "STEAL YOUR MONEY". The President of the Company, Mr. Pat Fitzimmons, walked into my business with a slick tongue and also mentioned that he is a "PASTOR". Of course I thought, if I can't trust a Pastor who can I trust? Well, I was dead wrong! His fees ended up being way above normal pricing and he slapped an ANNUAL FEE on me when I was told that there is "NO ANNUAL FEE". NWBC, Mr. Fitzimmons is REALLY getting a VERY bad reputation in the Coeur d' Alene and Northern Idaho area!! Stay away from him or anyone representing his Company.
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What Theresa Hancock fails to say in her posting is that she has never owned a business and that NWBC Services had her arrested for fraud that she committed against our merchant clients. NWBC Services made full restoration to its clients for any fraud commited by Theresa Hancock.

You can pull public crime data on Theresa Hancock aka Theresa Green aka Theresa Hancock-Green; you will find a long list of crimes that she has been involved in, as well as arrests related to her drug activity.

We also blacklisted her from the industry as currently the industry requires no licensing or certification, something that NWBC Services has actively pushed for many years. We are happy to report that the industry has created its first internal certification program but unfortunately it has no standing since less than 0.01% of those in the industry have taken the certification test.


Theresa Hancock does not own a business but rather was an independent contractor with NWBC Services.

Ms. Hancock defrauded several businesses in the CdA area and when it came to our attention I terminated her contract. I also spent a lot of effort to ensure that Ms. Hancock could not easily re-enter the payments industry.

Anyone could run a google search on Theresa Hanccck Coeur d Alene ID and find that she has spent her time writing reports such as this concerning myself and my company; as well as take note of the various public records concerning her police record for fraud and drug use.

Over the years NWBC Services has dealt with thousands of businesses in the Pacific Northwest and if this report were true, I think you'd find more evidence than just a lie written by a terminated ex-contractor.

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