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They did "recommended work" after I told them NO and tried to charge me for it. Last year I took my 2017 Camaro to Fairfield Chevrolet to get the thermostat replaced. It was covered under warranty so I should've been in and out with no costs. I drop off my car, then get a call from the service department about work that they recommend I get done. I told them NO. I only want the thermostat because that is what is covered by the warranty. The service person told me that I had to decline the recommend service on some website via a link that he sent. I definitely thought that was weird since I had just verbally told him NO. So, he sent the link and I declined all of the extra work *and took a screen shot because I'm not a dummy*. So, I believe it was the next day, I get the call that my car is done and get dropped off at the dealership. I go to the counter for my paperwork and keys, and they tell me I owe $600+. I told them that was a mistake since my thermostat was covered under warranty. The guy at the desk told me that the person that called the day before and sent the link SAID that I wanted the recommended work done. (That was a lie. I was VERY clear that I only wanted the thermostat done from the moment I initially walked in.) So he calls his manager and asks me to have a seat in the waiting area. As I'm sitting there, I look through my pictures for the SCREENSHOT that I took after declining the work. FOUND IT! So, I get up and wait for the manager to come over. Explain the situation and show him the screen shot. This man argued with me for at least 30 minutes. He said that I hd to pay to get my car back, his technicians needed to be paid for the work they did, he even offered me a "deal" to pay half of the cost. He even went as far as asking if I had a credit card to charge it too! I realized then that I was getting scammed. I told them that I would not have approved work that I don't have the money for. I had just had my hours at work reduced due to covid and they were taking advantage of me. After continuing to argue for another 15 minutes or so, the manager finally gave in and handed me my keys. I asked to speak to the service person that called me and sent me the link, and mysteriously, he no longer worked there. I was extremely skeptical. They tried it... and failed. Lessons learned: 1. Don't go back to Fairfield Chevrolet (or any Chevrolet) for service 2. Screenshot and take pictures of everything! 3. Do NOT back down if you feel like you're being scammed.
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