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Soloflex - The Solo-Flex Muscle Machine 30 year experiment....By. John Hobbs.. Professional Hater blog writer destroyer

SoloFlex was the genius idea of a great man Jerry Wilson. Yes he did say..."If your tough enough to wear them out we will replace them". pertaining to the resistance bands. What Jerry did not say is...." Buy a SoloFlex in 1988.....Use it for 6 months.....continue to be a fat ***... Then 30 years latter... Pull your machine out of your crusty *** storage unit.. Where it has been sitting rusting and rubber does get brittle after 3 decades kids...Then call the company and try to get replacement straps... because you want to sell it at your garage sale next to your Poki-man card collection... or wait 30 years and find a blog....ANY blog and *** about the price that you paid for the machine in 1986"... Which by the way Jerry,,,,Marilyn,,,,Stuart....Connie,...,Molly...or...Brian... Did not force you to pay... Its the price you chose to pay.....Now your all butt hurt over a 30 year old piece of rubber that you could make your self if you had half of the infectious drive that the Wilson family has.... Just because you don't look like the shirtless spokes model, because the only resistance type work-out you have been doing is trying to tear the *** Twinkies wrapper off for the last 3 decades... looking like you used your inheritance to buy a burger king so you could make your own double bacon Whopper looking ***. I'll tell you this Mr. and Mrs. couch potatoes eating couch potatoes. The Wilson family will always be some of the most genuine, nicest, giving, caring people I have ever met.(I.E.) family basketball games at the house...I can say i am a Very proud owner of a 1986 SoloFlex Muscle Machine... Every resistance band is in perfect working order... But here is the difference.... I've used mine almost every day since 1986.. And have kept very good care of my equipment......and my Solo-Flex...(LOL).. I believe SoloFlex is a big reason I am a very successful business man today... i truly believe that, Not only did it make me feel good about myself... I look great.. and come across as someone that has had the pleasure of having the Wilson family and the SoloFlex muscle machine push me to the top of the cooperate ladder where i stand proudly today... Oh yeah...I did make one minor change to my SoloFlex...Two years ago I had it gold plated.. You know.....Cause I could.....I'm just saying Go buy a trampoline next time you clown.......Thanks Jerry!!!!!!---- John Hobbs {{Redacted}} #soloflex
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Thank you for sharing that.


For sure.. I find it very healthy to speak your mind and release the tension and built up aggression and anger that might be dwelling burning holes in your stomach and/or heart.

I hope it didn't come off as total dickish. But I just can't stand a whiner. Anyways thanks for the acknowledgement.

It makes my rants worth it. "TRY NOT...DO YOU MUST"--YODA

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because i choose to be. And my body is by Soloflex......Not Hotpocket..