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Peak Technologies - All I needed was a label printer

I own a small shop and I needed to get a label printer so that I could mark some new products that I'm about to sell. I did some research and found the printer that I felt would fit my needs, a Zebra S4M00-2001-****T. It's a basic industrial thermal transfer label printer, strong enough to fit my needs, but not so much that I didn't need. Anyways, a friend of mine recommended Peak Technologies, so I gave them a call. The guy I spoke with listened to me and after a few minutes started to recommend a more industrial printer, a 220xi3. I tried to tell him that I already knew what I wanted, but he didn't seem to care at all. He really wanted to push me up to a bigger, stronger printer. I finally convinced him that I was set on the S4M00 printer and he gave me a price. $933.75! Was he kidding me? I had seen them for much less than that! When I mentioned to him that I had seen the same printer elsewhere for much less, he tried to imply that the printer he got from me would somehow have better service or warranty. You know, "don't worry, we'll take care of it." Hey, it's only a printer! I looked at the prices of many websites and finally settled on They sell the same Zebra S4M00-2001-****T printer with the same manufacturer's warranty, brand new, no issues, and I saved $200 over Peak Technologies' price. I just can't believe these guys have the nerve to try to push products that people don't need and I don't understand why they think they can price them so high. Forget it. I know where to go next time.
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you really dont know what your getting when you buy from these hundred of no name sellers you might be getting a refurb . peak is an authorized sales and service distributor for zebra .

Peak sells the units with on site installation (275 dollar value ) and on site 90 day manufacturers warranty ( otherwise you ship it back to zebra ) THATS A BARGAIN !!! also the price you mentioned probably was bundled with a one year on site maintanance .

also the S4MOO is a economy version label printer and will not last as long as the other unit recommended in the long run , I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SELLING THEM AND SERVICING THEM FOR OVER 25 YEARS !!!!!!!!! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR .

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