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Repair scam

Motorola #1988663
Today, I received my "damaged" phone back from Motorola, thru FedEx & I hardly recognize it! It looks like it stopped a bullet! Next, it gets even better, it's now missing it's SIM card! OMG! Motorola, are you for real? I had received emails, telling me to contact Motorola again, they escalated my case & wanted to talk to me. I waited until, I received my phone back, I couldn't discuss, what I hadn't seen(the allegedly, damaged/cracked 1 month old phone) Motorola sent me back, a completely different box, completely different wrappings & notices telling me, how to activate, my replacement phone & instructions, to insert the SIM card! I called Motorola back & I spoke with another rude CSR rep & he admitted, they remove SIM cards, when we mail our phones in! Told me I should have removed it, before I sent it in?? crazy, I told him, I don't break things & I don't take things apart! WTF?? So now, I have a damaged aka destroyed screen & my SIM card/chip is now missing(No doubt, Motorola stole it)on my 1.5 month old cell phone, and it is now completely useless! I am so upset, I am shaking! They probably damaged my phone getting SIM card out, who knows? Why are they taking MY phone apart, ...
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