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Capital One - SUCKS - locked account - want drivers license

Update by user Mar 01, 2021

problem occurred 2/13/2021approved email purchase 2/13/2021Called CapitalOne 2/13/2021Called CapitalOne 2/14/2021Called CapitalOne 2/20/2021Called CapitalOne 3/1/2021

Original review updated by user Apr 22, 2021
I recently moved. I updated address online a week before moving to a different state with my new mailing address to get ahead of any issues. Night I arrive I make an Amazon purchase and go to sleep. when I wake up and I see a new email - possible fraud - do you recognize charge. I reply Yes, I recognize. I immediately get another email saying account is locked. To unlock, they want to have me upload copy of front/back of my driver's license. (sorry, not going to happen). They say l can use a cell phone (don't have one). They offer no other alternative method (email or other) for verification. So, riddle me this super heroes - if email is good enough to send me an alert for possible fraud charges, why isn't it good enough to send me a 6 digit unlock code? I tell them to call the phone number on the account (also updated 1 week before move). They say they can't 'verify' it. So I say call the previous number on my account and it will have a recorded message to call the number that currently shows on the account. Capital One seems determined to data mine my information and doesn't seem to care about the customer with having alternative means. What if I was in the middle of a desert at a fuel station without a cell phone handy - guess they would just want me to melt away, rather than help. Now, CapitalOne has even locked my rewards points with Cabelas (Cabelas linked card) so if I close the account, I will lose all my accrued points. What a way to stick it to you. after 4 calls and 2 hours of going round and round - CapitalOne just SUCKS. Anyone know of a good way around this ? ============ April 21, 2021 So, around early March, after this post and 5 phone calls sucking 2 1/2 hours out of my life, Capital One calls and says magically that now my phone number on my account matches via public records to me. This is interesting due to my having that number for a period of 25 years - ever since it was established. hummm...... Maybe it was me getting fairly heated when I finally had someone that perhaps was at corporate putting me on hold to talk to decision makers that said I just had to follow policy. I asked to speak to them multiple times and was told 'they don't speak to customers'. Even though the rep on the phone seem to obviously speaking to someone else - They were chicken to talk to me - their customer (I even stated that to the rep). So, they finally unlocked the card. I was hesitant to use it, but did so with some sporadic small purchases to test and all seemed good. That is until..... On March 25, 2021. When i tried to use my card for a large purchase. It was declined. I walked outside and immediately called Capital One and started down the same dirty, stinky rabbit hole. Again, their party line was it was a purchase probably outside my 'normal' parameters, but they couldn't say what until they - wait for it - 'verified' my account. even though, the phone number I was calling from and my card wasn't enough for them to talk to me in the first place. And again after 30 minutes, same sad poor retreaded story. With an enhancement - some verifications require 2 or 3 different types of verification methods - of course depending on overall issue - whatever that is supposed to mean. This time, I didn't even get a notification email about possible fraud. Guess their system forgot to do that. I let it sit for a few days and then called them again - asking for a supervisor immediately. Wait for it - yep same sad *** story. Another 30 minutes and no resolution. They need to take their recorder off of repeat, repeat, repeat, etc. Only redeeming thing is that when my account was unlocked in mid-march, I immediately called Cabelas and had them *** points off onto a gift card - so even though my account is locked, I had access to my well earned rewards. So, here I am locked out again.with a large pending account transaction that I need to have cleared the first time it processes, but without Capital One unlocking the account, i may have to spend additional grief with that vendor to modify my purchase. Did I mention that Capital One SUCKS. No one is empowered to solve problems. They don't care about the customer. Is there no one in the company executive or management pool capable of making a decision? alas, here I sit, having to shovel Capital One **it.

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else for your bank/credit card needs.

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Capital One Credit Card
  • Will be one less credit card as it will be canceled asap
  • Unable to verify via email
  • Asking me to violate my personal privacy policy
  • Unable to offer alternatives for verification of identity
Preferred solution
Unlock my account - give me my points - then we can go our separate way.