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Rainsoft of Birmingham aka

Water Quality Association #98856
Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate your sentiment but unless there is some action that your parent company of Rain Soft is willing to take on my behalf, my situation remains unchanged. I’m still out $4600 and have spent an additional $300 for pipe, fittings and hardware in an attempt to recover some of my water pressure.
Since AWTP,LLC acknowledges the fact that there are authorized dealers in your network that “fall short” of your standards, I would like to know what your company is doing to correct this and protect current and prospective customers. What action is actually taken by your company when a dealer fails to uphold your commitment to customer satisfaction?
You stated in your response that I “have a number of choices in terms of providing quality water” for my family. Unfortunately at this point, I really don’t have any choice but to try to make this thing work. The plumbing in my home is a mess, I have very little water pressure and with such a rapid depreciation rate on these Rain Soft units I am unable to foresee any real financial recovery.
If your company is in fact serious about its reputation in the m
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