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Motorola - Repair scam

Update by user Feb 23, 2021

I am definitely expecting, an apology, a replacement( or just repair my phone, so I can hear & they can hear me!) They sold me a defective phone & made me mail it in, want to mail it!! a brand new, 1 month old phone Take your protective case off & mail it in??

That's so Motorola can say, it arrived DAMAGED/BROKE! I'm horrified & appalled that a company of Motorola's caliber would conduct themselves in such a fraudulent manner, but then again, I just busted AT&T, for defrauding me on 2 different accounts, I left AT&T, like everyone else already did & now it looks like Motorola & I are going to have to break up as well! My phone wasn't broke when I sent it, and it wasn't broke, when I bought it, somehow it's broke @ Motorola, the same company that made the defective phone? It's supposed to be on ME?

We will be in court!

I took that defective phone back to 3 times 2 different Metro's & I can get a statement from them stating that phone was NOT damaged/broke, it just didnt work properly! I never(I'm 55 yrs old) had a product that was just 1 month old that the manufacturer refused to repair/replace.

Original review updated by user Feb 23, 2021
I bought a phone (Moto E) 1/14/21 nobody could hear on it! I couldn't hear them, nobody could ever hear me! I took it back 3 times in 1 month to see if Metro could fix it, they said to call Motorola, which I did! I arranged to have it repaired under the warranty, so I mailed it in, according to their instructions. I called to complain/explain about the device, and it's problems, and they said, it had physical damage(?) they weren't gonna honor the warranty! OMG! Are you serious? It's brand new! It cant be damaged broke! I tried to walk my phone in to a Motorola repair facility under warranty, nearest one was in Texas! I was forced to mail it in! If there is any damage, Motorola did it, or it happened during shipping! I have 10(8 I upgraded) cell phones, and none, have broken screens! I told them, I would see them in court, I do mean it! They broke my defective phone, so they didnt have to fix it, or honor the warranty! Just break everyone's phone, that arrives to be repaired, and they get out of the warranty? They had me remove my protective case, but I did pack it between thick packing material & it should not have broken in transit! They said box wasn't damaged, so what, doesn't mean, what's inside isn't!! This is my second Motorola phone, my first one had no problems, I got it wet, after having it for 2 years & they no longer sell, that E6 model @ Metro. Fortunately, I have a second( brand new) phone , I can hear on it quite well, plus others can hear me! I don't need to cheat Motorola, but apparently, they need to cheat me! I am not done fighting with them, I am just getting started. I can't be the only customer, they have done this to & that's why I am putting this out there!! Shame on you Motorola!
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Today, I received my "damaged" phone back from Motorola, thru FedEx & I hardly recognize it! It looks like it stopped a bullet!

Next, it gets even better, it's now missing it's SIM card! OMG! Motorola, are you for real? I had received emails, telling me to contact Motorola again, they escalated my case & wanted to talk to me.

I waited until, I received my phone back, I couldn't discuss, what I hadn't seen(the allegedly, damaged/cracked 1 month old phone) Motorola sent me back, a completely different box, completely different wrappings & notices telling me, how to activate, my replacement phone & instructions, to insert the SIM card! I called Motorola back & I spoke with another rude CSR rep & he admitted, they remove SIM cards, when we mail our phones in! Told me I should have removed it, before I sent it in?? crazy, I told him, I don't break things & I don't take things apart!

WTF?? So now, I have a damaged aka destroyed screen & my SIM card/chip is now missing(No doubt, Motorola stole it)on my 1.5 month old cell phone, and it is now completely useless! I am so upset, I am shaking! They probably damaged my phone getting SIM card out, who knows?

Why are they taking MY phone apart, and removing items, if they aren't going to honor their warranty? Sending me back my phone, with MY SIM card removed, Isn't that stealing? Why doesn't any of this make sense? Why would a big company, like Motorola, act so deceptively?

How can I make a legit claim, against Fed Ex(maybe they dropped my box, or threw it over a fence, as I often see delivery drivers do, I got 10 cameras, I monitor, so I dont miss much!)for the damaged phone, when the SIM card is now removed, thanks to Motorola? What am I supposed to do now? I will be contacting as many Metros as I can, relaying my experience, asking them to steer people away from Motorola's, and towards brands with more integrity. Going to buy myself a Samsung, I guess.

I have PPTSD(Post & Present Traumatic Stress Disorder), it's easier, for me to buy myself another new phone, than to let Motorola keep upsetting me! Blaming me, because THEY removed MY SIM card?

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  • Moto e6 was a good phone
  • New phone
  • 2 cameras
  • Motorola said my brand new defective phone arrived broken
  • Breaking our devices upon arrival at texas repair facility
  • Damaging our phones texas repair facility
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Apology, a chance to prove, my phone wasn