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Sirajia Group - Miscomittment

Easy Hajj and Umrah(Pvt)Ltd Lahore Pakistan company under the banner of Sirajia Group has cheated their Hajj customers on Hajj 2009.They were failed to provide the accomodation in Madina that they committed.When 100 Hajjis reached at Hotel,they came to know that there is no booking and they had to wait out side till 6 hours.Same think happened when hajjis went at Hotel Grand Zam zam and there again they had to wait for 8 hours as again rooms were not booked.Upon asking The director Mr.Dr.Nasir Rasheed not only brutally misbehaved with the Hajis but also threathen them.They had charged for Private buses but provided govt.buses allocated by Moallam.Gold package customers were given accomodation in Mina along with Silver package customers.There are many many ymore *** they have done that even can't be discussed.
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Thanks for sharing such a beautiful article. Its very helpful for abroad students.

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Umrah Packages. If you have any information regarding umrah please let me know.

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Adnan here.

whos wrong.

whos right.?

I am about to book for 2015 hajj with sirajia grp. shorthajj company. I had a chat recently on the phone and siofar packages look good.

the only potential reason I prefer this company is they are committing me to provide hajj visa last 10 days before flying for hajj thats 1st week of sept 2015. coz i am based in UAE and cant sumbit my passport beforehand.

Please advise honestly if this is a reliable company to go for hajj.


nabeel how was your experience with karvan al madina???


My family went for hajj with the SIrajia group this year.I booked their silver package of 13 days.My parent have just returned and they were so happy that the group management took exceptionally good care of all the hajis.Besides this their MINA arrangements were best among all the other groups who were staying in the same area.Upon investigating with my parents regarding the sharing in MINA tents this year they had 10 persons in a single tent but since in mina the tents are in a linear arrangement therefore 2 tents have a common entrance and people often confuse this with the sharing increase.


I think one should be neutral when giving complaint. As we are answerable in front of Allah Almighty for all our done things.

I myself was present in the mentioned hajj with this group. Although there was adelay in check in. Because on 14th Zilhaj all the hotel checks out and then check inn is made after house keeping. 2ndly the directors of the company showed us the booking which was verified by the hotel.

And hotel management gave all the rooms after hosekeeping. Otherwise in Hajj season u can not get even a single room vacant if u had not done ur booking. I had performed Hajj more than once with this group and quite satisfied with their services. This 1st comment seems to be fabricated against this group.

And in 2nd comment of Mr Hassan Nisar, 16 persons r in a tent of size 4 * 4 meters. when these 3 tents r combined, it becomes 48 which were 100 percent acc to commitment.

So I ve referred a lot of clients to Sirajia group. They all r satisfied.


Thank you for posting your complains. I was about to book hajj for my parents with them.

Now I have booked with Karvan al Madina. Lets see how things go.


Unluckily me too had performed Hajj with this group of non professionals.Their Director Mr.Abdul Raouf was so courtious while booking my case before Hajj but on Hajj he damned care about us.He never even bothered to say hi to us and ignored us during all Hajj days.In mina Mr.Abdul raouf committed to place 16 haji but there were 50 hajis accomodated and we hardly find any place to even sleep.They committed to serve the food during 5 days but gave us food only for 2 days.

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