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No No Hair Removal - Does not remove hair permanently

I purchased a NoNo 3/23/13, and when this unit malfunctioned Radiancy (the NoNo seller) let me exchange it for a replacement unit (this was 6/9/14). At this time I purchased a 3 year extended warranty for the replacement unit (I had not bought a warranty with the original unit). I think by 6/9/14 the replacement period had actually run out, but I had contacted Radiancy while it was still under warranty about the malfunctions so Radiancy allowed the exchange. So my extended warranty expired 7/9/17 (a couple months ago). I recently contacted Radiancy because I wanted to leave a review of my NoNo. I couldn’t find anywhere that I could do it on their website. I was told by Radiancy customer support that I had to call a specific person in order to leave the review - because I purchased my NoNo so long ago. I thought this was absurd (no where on the NoNo is there an expiration date, and the warranty had just expired within the past 2 months). I called the number I was given a couple times and left messages, but my calls were never returned. So I plan to place this review I am writing wherever I find consumer reviews for the NoNo. The NoNo basically acts as a hair removal device. It DOES NOT result in permanent hair removal. I have been religiously using it for as long as I have had it. Both units I had had to be constantly turned off and then back on during use. The NoNo would work for several swipes, and then get jammed (when this happens a bright red light comes on, and you have to turn the NoNo off and back on to clear the red light). So every time I used it, I had to turn it off and on multiple times to get through a session. I only used it on my face (upper lip and chin area) - when I bought it I intended to use it on my arms and legs, too, but I could not imagine tuning it off and on hundreds of times to do those areas. Why did I continue to use it? I can’t afford electrolysis or laser hair removal. As much of a pain as it was to turn it off and on to do my face each time, I figured it was worth it given repeated use over time was supposed to lighten/clear the facial hair. It did not. It worked purely as a hair removal device. My facial hair grows in the same as it did before investing time and effort into years of NoNo usage. Using it is not a pleasurable experience. Turning it on and off to get through a session is annoying. It kind of shocks you. Not with every swipe, but be prepared for a handful of jolts per session. And in my case the area was small and I grew to tolerate it, so if you have bigger hair removal aspirations, be prepared for hundreds of shock jolts. I wouldn’t call the jolts painful, just uncomfortable. Long story short - don’t buy it. My experience is proof that Radiancy blocks people from reviewing their product. It’s probably not even an employee they have me calling, but an answering machine. Back when I bought it I attempted to research the NoNo and couldn’t turn up much negative commentary - now I understand why. I have used it faithfully for more than 4 years and am living proof it does not result in any permanent hair removal. I am hopeful my 4 year trial and this review will save other consumers money, which is the only value that I can gain from the money and time I have invested in Radiancy’s NoNo. It will remove hair when you use it, but it is annoying, time consuming and physically uncomfortable to use, not to mention the expense - waxing would be a much more cost effective and time saving alternative to this product.
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