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Estilo Salon, Bend OR Unprofessional Conduct

Estilo Salon in Bend, OR offered a coupon for new customers to receive a haircut and color for 30% off. I spoke with Kathryn Eng when making an appointment inquiry by phone. We had a fairly lengthy consultation about my hairstyle and color, and we agreed upon an appointment for the next day. I arrived on time, clean, and well dressed. She motioned me to the waiting area and began to ask me the same questions about my hair that we had discussed on the phone. In person, she had a very cold and distant demeanor. It was a bizarre "interview". Very shortly, she stood up and said "I am not the right stylist for you". She turned and left the area with no further explanation, leaving me confused and upset at her rudeness. Her unprofessional conduct wasted my valuable time, and I feel she does a disservice to her fellow stylists and to her employer by treating potential clients in this fashion.
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I happen to know about this situation. Kathryn is a talented graceful artist who had to deal with an irrational individual.

The customer is simply a spoiled trust fund baby who did not get her way and wanted to be hurtful. Kathryn's decision not to perform sub par work was in the clients best interest.

We have all witnessed bad stylistic choices; Kathryn simply did not want to be part of a bad decision. Can you imagine what would have been said if she had?


I know about this situation also, and the customer is the furthest you can get from a "trust fund baby". She would wish! She is an attractive senior citizen (in her 60's), on a budget, but cares for her appearance and has lovely hair.

What is unacceptable about the lack of basic consideration she received at this salon, is that the style she was wearing at the time was discussed prior to the visit. If the stylist was that confused, she should have saved my friend the time and trouble of showing up for a service she didn't receive. The stylist made no effort to be helpful - she didn't even greet the customer for 10 minutes although she did not appear to be busy and no one else was in the salon. She gave no suggestions as to another salon that would be more accommodating; she just turned her back, leaving my friend sitting in the waiting area wondering what was actually behind such odd behavior from a "professional".

This was an all-around failure of service. The stylist was rude and gave no explanation for her refusal to render the services promised.


Respectfully in response:

This happened quite some time ago, but wish to extend an grace, even at this late juncture. I am truly sorry for any misunderstanding. I have a very different perception of this conversation. I tried my best to find a starting place with this lovely woman, but honestly, I just couldn't understand what she was asking for. A cohesive, co-created plan is necessary for great style, and after quite a time, the client and I just saw things differently. Even at the sake of choosing to not take on a project, and thus losing money, I will stay true to my craft, and only create beauty.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You.

and may I add: Be TRUE to you.

kathryn at Estilo


I don't know who the heck Kathryn is but I LOVE this Salon. Stacie and Ryan are so nice and professional!


Kathryn probably is gone. Word gets around - when you alienate customers and waste their time, eventually someone better will fill your shoes.

I believe that there probably are good stylists at this salon, but clearly, no matter what you think of a customer's choices in color or style, your job is to give them what they want. If you can't do that, at least be helpful and pleasant.

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