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Ascentive Software - Automatic Renewal of Software that I don't have!

I received an email notice from this company that they were going to automatically renew my software subscription. I do not and have never had, installed or uninstalled, any software from this company! I cannot remember even having any correspondence with them, so I do not know how they got my email address. If, somehow they manage to get my debit card number and bill my bank account, I am informing my bank to treat it as fraud! I did not order this product, don't want this product and will not except any billing for this product! I am also going to report them to the BBB and the Indiana Attorney Generals office of consumer affairs. If you read the other complaints regarding this company, you will see that others have had problems with them, also.
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Ascentive Software is a purveyor of absolut ***. Once it gets into your computer, you cannot get rid of it.

I sincerely hope you guy get the company shutdown and its officers thrown into jail for life. That is the very least tehy deserve!


I contacted them. waiting to see if I get my refund. If not I will contact the attorney general


Thanks for the heads up on the billing scam. It may or may not be an accounting error.

Whatever the case, the software is worthless.

Instead of speeding up my computer, PCScanPro (or whatever they call it), actually slowed all operations, and even caused computer freeze. If you have, the best thing you can do for your computer is, get rid of it

#139380 scammed me by charging $29.95 to my Visa account. I did not order it.

The charge according to my bill was made on April 4th which was Easter Sunday. I was in church all morning and at my daughter's house that afternoon for brunch. We had dinner with friends. There is NO WAY I charged anything on my Visa that Sunday.

I had my CyberDefender Computer Engineer check out my computer top to bottom and he concluded that no such software was ever loading into or existed in any of my software. BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM. When you get stiffed report it immediately.

I have NO idea how they got my credit card number. I cancelled that account and ordered a new Visa Card.


I was billed $59.00by Ascentive Software to my American Express card at 12:58 a.m. today when I was fast asleep. Amex Fraud called me to verify the charge which I did not make and, they've rejected the charge and invalidated my card # and are re-issuing me a card...


Hello, This is Chris Gordon, Email Marketing Manager at Ascentive. During the weekend of Dec 11th to Dec 13th, a subscription auto-renewal email was accidentally sent to everyone in the Ascentive email database.

This database includes not only current and former customers but also recipients who may have received any information from us in the past.

The email was only meant for a small number of our subscription users.

Ascentive would like to assure you that this is not an attempt to obtain your credit card information and at no time would we request that information unless you had previously activated an account with us. We offer our apologies for the error and you will receive no further emails from us in the future.


this is bull ***. howd they get my credit card and email if i have never done business with them. for me, this is an indication of secretcy and behind our backs whats taking place in cyber space(clever) seriously this is reason for serious concern and action...what to do, who to call, how to get satisfaction..?


I got one, too. Guess they're bombarding during the Christmas season! Wouldn't give it a second thought except that it makes you wonder where they got your email addie. Of course, it was addressed to:


Well, they DID get that part right, but I'm afraid there's pro'bly a couple dozen or more that fit that title...


After receiving email apologising for original error, have now received a second billing email. How could you trust their software?


I received the same e-mail regarding

renewals however had an e-mail this

morning saying it was all an error

and my credit card would not be charged.

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