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Roma Restaurant And Deli - Roma Deli & Cafe Spring Mountain Road Las Vegas

Strike 3 and your out Roma's. HUMANITARIANS and fellow VEGETARIAN'S TAKE NOTE 1. Ordered a VEGETARIAN lasagna get all the way home only to find they gave me an eggplant instead. 2. Returned and even ordered something extra to help balance their loss which was their fault to begin with but hey, we are all human and make mistakes. I choose to give others opportunities to improve themselves. Driving away I check bag and Massimo forgot to add the dessert. 3rd and final MAJOR screw up! Once again I order a VEGETARIAN lasagna, I get all the way home and am excited for dinner and take 1st bite only to spit it right out. They screwed up yet again and gave me a MEAT lasagna and I have not had any meat, chicken etc for over 35 years. I call and Massimo picks up the phone and asked how I paid for it then stepped away for a bit to ask kitchen about order to see if it was kitchens fault or his fault and comes back and says bring it back but didn't mention who's fault it was. I drive all the way across town and bring the MEAT lasagna back and experienced attitude completely uncalled for by Massimo who conceitedly tried to blame me and said "he thought it was REALLY FUNNY this has happened 2 times." I remained patient throughout his unprofessional tantrum and politely said "no, Massimo, it has happened 3 times as you also forgot part of my order the last time and you now think it's funny that you served meat to a vegetarian who has not had meat in over 35 years? I said "do you know how this feels?" Massimo sarcastically said "no, I'm not a vegetarian and showed minimal remorse or compassion for their screw ups. Massimo you should be ashamed of yourself and consider taking a trip someplace and regrouping yourself as this type of behavior to any human being is completely uncalled for. Your poor attitude and lack of morals was uncalled for and not appreciated. I REFUSE to reward poor behavior and assure you I will NEVER set foot or recommend Roma's to others. If you use this disgrace of a website called YELP that is supposed to be for REVIEWS yet they SELL promises and remove honest negative reviews regularly and you select at top "view reviews by lowest rated" you will clearly see from other YELP reviewers this poor and conceited customer service is not out of the ordinary. To get that angry over a few slices of pasta, eggplant and sauce that probably cost you a few dollars out of pocket for YOUR mistake is truly pitiful. I still wish you well Massimo and hope no other person in your remaining years has to ever experience this side of you. Seems Yelp has once again "filtered" an honest review for a paid advertiser. *Search "Billion Dollar Bully" and also online to see the TRUTH about Yelp and what they are doing to honest hardworking small businesses and others who refuse to pay them monthly.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
Roma Restaurant And Deli Customer Care
  • Poor customer service lack to repeatedly get an order correct
Reason of review
Not only order screw up but Massimo the owner is rude repeatedly to his customers as you can see in other reviews.
Preferred solution
Go to school to learn proper edicate and communication skills.
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Status Now - Kaspersky Rebate is a SCAM

Update by user Aug 29, 2017

PissedConsumer emails incorrect email address. Tried calling but system hangs up on you after a long loop to different extensions.

Here is possibly correct contact info via auto reply. Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Lab U.S. This mailbox is not monitored and ask that you direct your questions through the appropriate channel below: For Home Products (Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security, etc.) Billing, Auto-renewal, and general order information: 1-877-23*-***8 (24x7) Install, activation, and general product use questions: For Small Business Products (Kaspersky Small Office Security) Billing, Auto-renewal, and general order information: 1-877-23*-***8 (24x7) Install, activation, and general product use questions: For Business and Enterprise products (Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Mail Server, etc.) Sales inquiries above 50 nodes: 866-477-**** (Mon.

Fri. 9am to 5pm EST) Deployment, central management, and general product use questions:

Original review posted by user Aug 28, 2017
Be aware of this before purchasing and expecting a rebate. are ALL the same company and are scamming some of the honest people that have followed all of their rebate requirements. As part of the FINE PRINT - they are not required to issue you a replacement check if 1st one is lost etc. even though it hasn't been cashed. Do yourself a big favor and *RESEARCH THIS ONLINE BEFORE EVEN CONSIDERING BUYING A PRODUCT WITH A REBATE THROUGH THIS COMPANY. A class action lawsuit needs to be started to stop this company from continuing to not fulfill their obligations. Just think how many millions of dollars a company like this could make by not issuing checks, saying submission is approved then never mailing check. They wait (hoping you will forget rebate as it has been so long) to contact them saying check never arrived then resubmitting and waiting months only to not have it show up again, try 3rd time many more months wait again and same results. They also have no way of proving they actually sent checks despite the fact they can see check was never cashed and also refuse to transfer you to a supervisor when calling and give you all kinds of invalid excuses. is an OBVIOUS SCAM and needs to have a full investigation and audit to prove they are actually sending checks... they also refuse to send rebate via PayPal etc.. Contact the product manufacturer and store selling item (appears best to go direct to website and contact Kaspersky there as phones are answered in the Philippines) and let them know the 3rd party fulfillment center they have chosen to use for rebates is not fulfilling their obligations and this urgently needs to be addressed. info@*** Remember if you paid with a credit card call card company and ask them to do a CHARGE BACK. *Unfortunately American Express will only go back 90 days yet if someone buys something on eBay etc the buyer can go back 6 MONTHS to initiate a Chargeback. :/****-approved-for-rebate-but-status-now-aka-velocity-fulfillment-refuses-to-reissue-check-let-the-retailer-and-manufacturer-know?v=1 Some other options as is post on Social Media etc.. See another Kaspersky product on SD and you also haven't received rebate then WARN OTHERS! This must be stopped ASAP and if enough of us speak up and post your truth then it hopefully will. *and if the likeliness you also have to go through the same hassle I still am on a rebate from last year this Kaspersky article info should concern you. US Officials Are Warning About A Russian Cyber security Company's US Government Ties Kaspersky Lab Has Been Working With Russian Intelligence
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What is the email address you used to communicate with kaspersky rebate? Its rebate website listed 1-80*-***-**** as the contact number no email address. People answer this phone line tells you that this is a general rebate phone line, they offer no further help other than telling you that Kaspersky is not responsible to lost mail which is stated on the rebate form submitted.


I'm in the same boat. The rebate status states that I should have received my rebate check 2 months ago, but the check never arrived.

The rep stated that Kaspersky recently changed its policy not allowing the rebate processing center to re-issue lost checks.

She verified that the check has not been cashed, but insisted that re-issue was not an option. I tried to call the rebate process center 2x, got the same answer.


Finally after many emails, phone calls and rattling the cages, 9 months later received my check.

Most consumers would have gave up much sooner and taken it as a loss even though rebate company received everything as stated, approved and could see check was never cashed.

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Status Now Rebate
  • Rebate scam
Reason of review
They failed to send me my rebate even after repeated tries.
Preferred solution
Full refund