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Comcast - Change my phone number without my request

After Comcast took over our internet, cable and phone last month (due to a buy-out of Insight Communications), we lost our phone for 4 days. We have 2 lines and the first line (our main line) was not ported over. It took them 4 days to tell us what had happened and fix the problem. Then last week, about a month later, my neighbor called me on my cell and asked why I changed my number. Obviously, I hadn’t put in a request for a phone number change. Comcast just did it. We have had this number for 16 years, ported it over from Verizon to Insight last May without a hitch. If you call the old number now, it gives you the new number, complete with a different area code. They tell us they are trying to “get it back” for us. It has been nine days, we call everyday, not one C.S. Rep knows what is going on and can’t tell us when we will get our original number back. My husband works for ComEd, and missed a call out last night because of this number problem. He will get charged for not taking the callout as well as losing money. Do you think Comcast will reimburse us for time lost? I’m sure not. I am so frusterated with thier phone system as well. Everytime I call, I have to wait for at least 30 minutes until someome picks up my call, and then they put me on hold, and within a few minutes I get disconnected. I think that they don’t know how to handle the problem so they hang up, knowing full well that when I call back I won’t get routed to them. I have started taking names and badge numbers when I first get connected. I also lost my cable for 2 days when I simply called in to get help changing my email password (which didn’t work either, and I am still waiting for the pin number that they said they were going to mail to me.) I want to talk to some higher up and get some answers. Anyone got anything to offer?
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I wrote this letter to Chairman of the Board at Comcast- Mr. Arthur R.


Mr. Block,

I live in Indiana and have been a customer of your for over 20 years, as has my 87 year old mother-in-law. Recently her cable went out due to a storm. The technician who came to fix it said she needed to have a new box, but it would be free.

They put in the new box and left. Without her knowledge, much less consent, her ATT telephone number that she has had for over 60 years was dropped and she was assigned a new number associated with Comcast. I have been on the phone ALL DAY trying to un-do what your employee did.!!! I have spoken to more people and explained this more times than I should have to!!

I have been transferred to every department, miss directed several times, disconnected three times ( was called back once) was told by your employee that he ( Abner emp. ID # BP-acaya001) would call me back in 1 to 2 hours and never did. I also spoke with a supervisor, Guevara Rosquites, who couldn’t help me either. After waiting the almost 3 hours for the call, I spent another hour on the phone waiting for them to connect her line with original number - put on hold again for 30 minutes and disconnected with no call back!!

I was not accepting the 3 to 5 days to reinstate her old phone number and was allowed to hold while they connected the line, which still hasn’t happened, then disconnected again!!!! Other names of people I spoke to; Raven, James and Andrea in activation department. Nobody offered me a “ticket #” or any real customer service!!! Honestly, I have spent more than 7 hours today on the phone!!

THAT in itself is unacceptable!!! Also unacceptable is an 87 year old women having her phone number of 60 years dumped in the time it took to install a new cable box!!!

It appears to me that they have taken advantage of an elderly women!!

I also want to report that Abner, emp. ID # BP-acaya001 made an extremely unprofessional and inappropriate comment.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor Abner told me “he” would be with me in a minute. While I was waiting and explaining the situation, Abner then said “she” referring to the supervisor. I questioned him and said, I thought you said “he” - who will I be talking to, a “he” or a “she”…. he replied with a slight giggle… “both, he is ***”!!!

I was totally shocked and disturbed!!!! That is a call I hope was recorded!!!!

Since I got nowhere clicking on the “contact us” tab on your online website ( you should try it- a complete run-around, just like my phone conversations!!), please forward this letter to Tom Karinshak, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Comcast and Mr. Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast. I am filing a complaint with the State via Senator Merritt and

Just for starters… I will also contact the news media about this.

Please resolve this issue IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!! One angry customer,


I'm compiling a list of people and stories just like this for a class action against Comcast. I'm in the middle of a situation that's been ongoing since 8/29.

As of today STILL no dial tone. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY & THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!

Send your story to ComcastLawsuit@***.com


We have had our business number with Comcast for over 4 years now, originally switched over from Verizon. Monday of this week we started getting complaints from our customers that are numbers were not in working order.

Tuesday we realized that the number that was showing up on the caller ID was a completely different number! Comcast refused to give us our original number back, and could not tell us why our number had ever been changed without any knowledge whatsoever. Go figure. I couldn't even find a place I could go to talk face to face with them about this issue.

We have since switched our lines back to Verizon.

And the were able to give us our original number!! Comcast was a freaking nightmare.


Same thing just happened to us with Insight. They claim I'm in a different rate center.

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