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How can I get a refund?

Lyft #1976712
They screwed me out of 48.88....i still haven't got a ride or refund.time to call wave3 news. And bbb
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Clarisse Ubc
I Have the same exact charge. I took three lifts in one day got charged all three times and then a total of 4888 which equals all three of the rides also so I got double charged on each ride
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I was charged 3 times on 11/30/20 for rides I did not make today. I want that resolved.

Lyft #1976711
I'm in the same boat, how nice- no way to call any one. Did you get your refund? I lost out on making time and a half at work, got a point and was charged 48.00 from Lyft. They will never get any business from me again. Be sure to tell everyone as I have done. Give them the rating they deserve
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