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I purchased a warranty for sofa and recliner in February 2020. Now the company is out of business.

I have paid for my furniture in full but am not going to pay for the warranty because it's useless. Anyone else in the same position as me? I've tried to call have sent a letter stating these facts. Number is not working and no response to letter.

Is Synchrony going to come after me to collect the money for a warranty I can never use?

Will my credit be damaged? I don't know what to do...

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  • Charged for a warranty i can never use

Preferred solution: Price reduction

Guest It is not free, but an option. Synchrony is only the company you loaned the money from.

You are going to have to pay them.

If Art provided a card it will probably be converted to a Sync Home card. Well that is what they did with the HH Gregg closure.


So the store card you had with Synchrony will be more than likely converted to a Synchrony Home account. This happened when H.H.

Gregg closed they converted my card to a Home. this gave me a wide selection of furniture stores.


They sure can come after you, and they will. They loaned you the money and have nothing to do with the sale.

Most warranties are 3rd party.

So you may still have coverage. If you have the paper work is should show an under writer.

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