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Spa Crafters - Sap Crafters rebuttal to Richard Craig alias Richflocker

In response to Mr. Craig's (alias Richflocker) complaint dated 12/07, we as the company in question deem it necessary to respond. Mr. Craig noted that it took two weeks for us to repair his equipment. Our bench procedure is on a first come first serve basis. We often have several packs come in at once and some with more problems than others. It also seems that Mr. Craig has his facts wrong. He scheduled a service call for us to come to his house on 11/25/06. We replaced a heater element, heater gasket, pump seal and charged one hour of labor. On November 21,2007, Mr. Craig brought his spa eqpt. to our store. He said the heater housing was leaking.Upon inspection, we found numerous problems. We replaced the housing, pump impeller, another pump seal, pressure switch, hi current 240v gfci and a thermostat along with the standard $65.00 bench fee. We would like to note that when we have to replace so many internal parts, especially seals and heater elements, the most common issue is with improper chemistry such as tablet froms of chlorine or bromine in a floater device as well as not draining on a frequent basis. As for expensesMr. Craig put into his eqpt.,his spa pack is manufactured by Acura Spa Systems which happens to be one of the most expensive equipment brands on the market. We only go by the suggested retail price for these repair parts. When Mr. Craig brought his eqpt back a second time because of a thermostat problem, we changed out the t'stat at no charge and no bench fee. On December 27,2007, Mr. Craig said that the unit was not heating. We found a fuseholder loose, which we re-tightened and found that his pump air switch was bad. We replaced it and charged himfor the part only-no extra bench fee. We also remind customers that we can only fix what is broken at the time services are performed. If the other components are in working order when we leave or when the eqpt leaves our store, we cannot replace it if it's not broken. We feel we followed our customer service procedures properly, and for Mr. Craig to call our employees names, such as *** and that our bench tech is not trained and that our company *** just goes to show the ignorant world that Mr.Richflocker lives in. Too bad that there is not a Better Customer Bureau. Thank you for allowing our response. P.S Mr Craig does not buy chemicals from us and we can never guarantee what another brand of chemicals will do to someone's spa and eqpt.
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Wow you even attack your unsatisfied customers what a crock of ***! I will never purchase anything from spa crafters again it's a scam and Fred is a phyco path I called to complain and he must have been drunk because he actually screamed at me called me a liar and I hope he's ready for one *** of a law suit


Based on my very limited interaction with Spa Crafters so far ( I have just bought a new jacuzzi from them) my opinion so far is that of pure delight. I have witnessed them being incredibly tolerant of a total *** customer, and giving her way more than she should have gotten for what she actually paid for.

As for my personal business dealings so far....I have received 100% total customer service. I am fairly confident that I wont be retracting this comment any time soon.


Mac you mean your actually Fred or Kelly you people are nuts

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