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There are basically 3 wings in the WFG family ... the 'rah rah' wing, the 'asian'wing and the 'professional' wing. If you aren't Asian, there are two! ;-) The 'rah rah' wing presses a lot on the meetings, and 3-3-30 and numbers, and lots of 'rah rah', telling how rich you can be ... reminded me a lot of a pyramid meeting with Amway or Tupperware or many of the more current energy drink or whatever money making schemes. The ''professional' gang is more focused on getting you as trained and licensed as possible before pushing you up the ladder to building your own team, etc. Personally, this is the right group to be in if you are interested in this business. If you couldn't figure out (with a name like Transamerica) that it was all about the Insurance industry when you first came in, then shame on you. It''s a great field but NOT for everyone. Lots of money to be made, lots of licenses to get if you are serious, although you can start with just a life license ... but you can do it ... and a lot of people do ... The people that do the best at it are the most motivated, usually new immigrants, definitely women, definitely bi-lingual people. The rest of us struggle and don't want to do what it takes. But there is a lot to be made, but it is hard work. But if you want to pull yourself out of a pay-check to pay-check dead end and are willing to work to do it? Can't think of a greater opportunity.
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This is an incredible business and at first it's tuff, but then when you fully understand the system and human nature it becomes like riding a bike.

@WFG rocks 11

It's tuff all the time for 99.5% of all agents and recruits...2015 average commission based salary was 2272$/year before any expenses paid or rah rah meetings attended...

now I don't know about your bike but it must have been bought from the scrap yard..

There is no money to be made in this MLM scheme unless you sell the worst insurance products like the FFIUL or recruit like there's no tomorrow to sell to your family and friends and using their contacts so you can get higher on the pyramid.One way or another you're better off working 5 hours/week at Mc D making more money than this.

And before you start with educating others..Do you know one teacher that only has a 50 hour course teaching anybody?? Well WFG seems to think this is enough for WFG agents to educate others about!!


You should stick with your minimum wage job.


No thanks...I am happy with my ditch cleaning of empty bottles..So in WFG agent terms this means I clean the ditches and make 1.5 million/'s all in my paperwork and I declare it all...well mostly none of tax free...

every morning I go on facebook and do my rah rah meeting with all the ditch cleaners in my small town..about 300 of us in our 900 people town and we comb ditches daily and every year we have a big rah rah meeting in ola las vegas just to pep talk the troops...this is pretty much the same model WFG uses...right?


A minimum-wage job is better than a WFG negative-wage job.

This MLM makes YOU pay to work for it.


"Agthorn" wrote a total shill review. I worked out of one of the biggest Norcal offices.

It was 70% Asian, 90% rah-rah, and zero percent professional.

Our uplines pushed us hard to sell WFG's "top" product, Transamerica's FFIUL life insurance policy. That policy is a total disaster. It's designed to collapse and fail a decade or two from now, after you've dumped tons of money into it.

Not one agent of the dozens I met understood the FFIUL at all. You can find, here and elsewhere, detailed critiques of this Perm Life policy complete with actual contract info, scanned and copied right into the reviews. Again, the FFUIL is a complete disaster.

Please stay far FAR away from WFG. If you push its terrible pricey products onto you friends and family, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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