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NetAudioAds - Larry Host trying to Humiliate My Family

Larry Host the CTO of NetAudioAds has take a personal vendetta against my children and me because he disagrees with information published by my husband on how bad an idea auto played audio advertising is. Mr Host was convicted of a felony in October of 2005 for not paying child support in Michigan and wants to lash out against a family of a hard working entrepreneur, because he does not like the NetAudioAds product being pushed by PayPerPlay. It is doubtful that the people they have recruited will ever see a dime if they ever get their problems sorted out. Mr Host has a history of not paying his obligations to his family and filing bankruptcy many, many times. HOST, LAWRENCE nmbke 02-15045 LINDA MARTIN HOST AND LAWRENCE HOST 07/20/2002HOST, LAWRENCE J mnbke 07-31225 LAWRENCE J HOST AND ANNE T HOST 04/11/2007HOST, LAWRENCE W., JR. wvnbke 97-1**** LAWRENCE W. HOST AND MICHELLE D. HOST 05/09/1997HOST, LAWRENCE WILLIAM nmbke 00-01213 HOST AND LEATH 10/03/2000HOST, LAWRENCE WILLIAM nmbke 00-01238HOST AND UNIVERSAL PRINTING & PUBLISHING,INC.11/13/2000HOST, LAWRENCE WILLIAM nmbke 98-1**** LAWRENCE WILLIAM HOST AND LINDA MARTIN HOST 10/09/1998HOST, LAWRENCE WILLIAM nmbke 99-1**** LAWRENCE WILLIAM HOST AND LINDA MARTIN HOST 12/03/1999 The facts don't lie. He never pays anyone and is a monster for not supporting his children.
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Wow, I was about to contact that company about a pay per audio ad venture and luckily researched the company first - Whew! That was a close call.


Well seen as this personal vendetta against Larry, won't go away, I may as well make use of it with a text link plug.



---I have NEVER posted anything negative about you or your children, YET. ---- Larry Host

Larry I don't know how you could publish anything negative about children, but I am sure in your warped mind you can come up with something.

Then again someone with a background such as yours, NOT SUPPORTING YOUR FAMILY and then trying to justify it because your ex got remarried goes to show how screwed up your thinking really is.

It was not your children's fault that she got remarried and it does not excuse you for not taking care of your obligation to them, your children.

You encouraged people to link to negative information about me, with attempts to belittle a child with a birth defect and my wife and you did not expect for this information to come out?

I have known if for a long time and never used it in my synopsis of PayPerPlay and NetAudioAds. I felt it was best left out of the picture.

You brought this on yourself with your *** poor attitude and threats.


Larry Host it is now known that you are a convicted felon for not supporting your family as you were ordered by the court.

Just like you I have the "Original Court Documents" and your childish shenanigans and have brought this on yourself.

Privacy or people you do business with means nothing to you and when the stone was cast you caught an avalanche in return and now that information needs to be brought forward.

Go ahead and start your own blog your threats are meaningless. You are a DEADBEAT DAD and a bully.

Go post some stats and get on with it......


"Melissa" (really paul?)

This article lists people of a name similar to mine as well as legitimate articles about me.

If you had ANY clue as to the 10 year legal battle after my divorce over property settlement disguised ad alimony, you would be ashamed for letting paul talk you into this.

I have NEVER posted anything negative about you or your children, YET.

Take this down before I get pissed enough to start my own blog.

I have actual copies of much of the court paperwork on you.

The advice about people who live in glass houses applies to you more than it does to me.


Melissa, Larry host did not attack your family, he did not post the articles, I did! In respect for you, and your children I have taken down the court records, on your husband!

Now out of respect for the people who DID NOT Post any thing or Put me up to it, I would expect to see you do the same.


I really don't think you will be paid a dime. How much cash have you received?

If Mr Host lives up to his reputation as a DEADBEAT DAD it is doubtful that he would care that you get any money owed to you.


The email to contact me after signing up is jas48060-ppp (at)

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