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Skadate Scam Continues

SkaDate #1342744
Oh wow,
So now you post not only fake reviews, but also fake REPLIES, hijacking my identity? To anyone who reads this - I am Zima, and I indeed work for SkaDate. The tosh above has nothing to do with me or our company. We have no beef with Rick, AdvanDate, or any other competitor (including the one posting this ***) - this is simply not the way we conduct business. Moreover, why would we go again AdvanDate? They are not in the same price-bracket (unlike the imposter, btw). This petty attempt at sparking a rivalry is pretty laughable actually.
As for the review above… Oh boy. How do you even come up with this stuff? Everyone in the industry knows that our customer service is unmatched. All high-end clients have a personal manager, always on stand-by virtually 24/7 (phone, Skype, email, whatever). Regular clients have ticket support and LiveChat to go with. Not a single message or call is unanswered. And the software-related allegations? Get a free trial and test everything for yourself before you buy. Finally, not happy with our service? Get a full refund. End of story.
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Skadate do NOT give refunds. that is a fact. it states that in your user agreement.