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Promo didn't apply and received incorrect order, rude agent, no resolution

DOORDASH #1960491
Update as of 12/8/2020 I FINALLY GOT A RESPONSE FROM DOORDASH, THIS HAPPENED ON NOVEMBER 30TH AND THEY JUST NOW EMAIL ME ON DECEMBER 8TH TO DAY THEY ISSUED $10.25 BACK TO MY DEBIT CARD, AND PUT A $5 CREDIT ON MY DOORDASH ACCOUNT. My response: I spent $28 on a medium pizza. I had to go to the extreme of posting my experience on this site to get any help. I was disrespected by customer service Representatives. Why would I want your $5 credit? Thanks for the $10.24 but you still owe me $17.50 I will never use or recommend this service,. I'm forwarding all this to my bank, disputing the entire charge, f#*& you DOORDASH!
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